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4 Exercises for Stronger Arms

When you hear the time period “strong arms,” you in all probability consider lean, outlined, muscular arms. However, hypertrophy (giant muscle mass) and power aren’t immediately correlated. That is, cumbersome biceps (because of bicep curls) are really “seashore muscle mass, which suggests they don’t essentially serve a function aside from aesthetics. And if that’s a shopper’s main objective, then have him do some work on the preacher bench. But if practical, usable arm power is the objective, learn on.

A robust correlation exists between grip power and upper-body power. Therefore, working grip power exercises can enhance arm power. Furthermore, grip power is usually the limiting think about some exercises (each higher and complete physique) reminiscent of lifeless lifts, pull-ups and kettlebell exercises. Thus, arm power can improve lower-body power and energy. So, when the next exercises end in forearm and hand fatigue, that’s an indication that they’re being carried out appropriately.

Biceps curls and triceps extensions will end in arms which are outlined and powerful—however solely for actions that mimic the exercises. That’s why single-joint exercises don’t essentially translate to practical (usable) power. We additionally hear of NFL quarterbacks having “strong arms,” however their throwing power is generated from the decrease physique and translated by means of the core, by way of the shoulder, after which to the arm.

Therefore, for shoppers who need stronger arms, embrace exercises that interact the rotator cuff, shoulders, core and even the decrease physique. The following exercises (and their variations) are difficult variations of typical upper-body exercises.

Awkward Pull-ups

Pull-ups legitimately problem upper-body power, as they require robust arms, shoulders, again, and grip. Straight-bar pull-ups, nevertheless, are merely the start; slight grip modifications grip can considerably alter muscle involvement and humble nearly anybody. Try these variations on pull-ups to make them extra awkward and significantly problem grip power:

Straight Bar, Fewer Fingers

Start with 4 fingers (i.e., monkey grip), then three fingers (no pinkies), then two fingers (index and center). Complete these variations with normal and reverse (supine) grips. This strategy works on an assisted pull-up machine, as properly.



Alternating Grips

Sequence by way of every of the next positions with out dropping from the bar (a minimum of one hand ought to all the time grip the bar) for two to 5 reps every: Standard Grip, Alternating Grip (one hand susceptible, the opposite supine), Reverse Grip and Alternating Grip (reverse positions from earlier).



Pull-Up Bar Toys

Quite a lot of pull-up bar gear is obtainable that’s each enjoyable and difficult, together with fats grips, sphere/globe grips, cannonball grips, canine bone bar, pinch blocks, grandfather clock, rock rings and climbing wall training boards.

Inverted Pull-ups

For those that can’t fairly full a full pull-up but, inverted pull-ups problem the higher physique, together with the arms, simply as properly. Use health club rings, climbing ropes or a suspension system.

Level 1 – Both Arms and Knees at 90°

Keep ft flat on the bottom and use the legs to help your pull-up (primarily squatting as you pull).

Level 2 – 1 Arm, Knees at 90°

As with Level 1, maintain ft flat on the bottom and use the legs to help your pull-up; grip the deal with with solely the left hand. During the descent, prolong the left arm and rotate the chest to the correct. As you pull your self up (once more with the help of the legs) rotate the torso again to parallel and maintain the left elbow near your aspect.

Level three – 1 Arm, Legs Straight

Complete the identical exercise as Level 2, however straighten out the legs and place the weight on the heels.



Large Medicine Ball Circuit

Gripping a big drugs ball whereas urgent and rotating not solely fires up the forearm muscular tissues, however the biceps as properly. These exercises are much less concerning the weight and extra concerning the awkwardness of the actions. Try the next circuit with a big drugs ball (a bumper plate or small sandbag works properly, too). Start the circuit in a shoulder-width stance and full three to 6 reps of every exercise:

Alternating Press From the Hip

Reach the ball to only behind the left hip as you partially squat. Stand up tall and absolutely prolong the arms at chest height. Squat down as you attain the ball to the correct hip after which press to chest height once more (three to 6 reps on all sides).


Reach the ball to only behind the left hip as you partially squat. Stand tall and rotate the core as you attain the ball over the appropriate shoulder (bend the elbows as you’d in a golf swing). Squat down as you attain the ball again to your left hip (three to 6 reps on one aspect earlier than switching sides).

Waist-to-overhead Press

Curl the drugs ball from the waist, to the chest, after which overhead in a single, clean movement. Control the weight again to the chest after which to the waist.




This exercise makes use of the decrease extremity and core to provoke the motion, however requires the arms to decelerate the motion.

Start in a cut up stance with the suitable foot ahead and a dumbbell within the left hand. Bend the hips and knees (quarter squat) and bend the left elbow in order that the left hand is close to the hip (within the “holster”). Stand up tall and punch the hand instantly in entrance of you to shoulder height. Hold the weight for a full rely after which management the weight all the best way again to the holster as you bend the hips and knees once more. Complete three to 6 reps utilizing every of the next variations on every arm:

Neutral Grip

Maintain a impartial grip from the hip to full extension.


Begin with a impartial grip and rotate the palm upward as you prolong.


Begin with a impartial grip and rotate the palm downward as you prolong.

Additional Variations

Switch your foot stance (dumbbell within the hand of the ahead foot). Or for an actual biceps crusher, full the gunslingers whereas holding a kettlebell.



Strengthening arms with out finishing a single biceps curl, triceps extension or push up is totally possible. Simply management a weight via a full vary of movement—pushing, pulling and rotating in a number of instructions. The extra awkward the exercise feels initially, and the extra drained the forearms turn out to be, the higher the exercise is for creating true, useable arm power.

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