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Bernie Clark Says the Future of Yoga Will Be as Unpredictable as It’s Always Been

The one overriding remark I might make when taking a look at yoga previous, current, or future is that folks ought to understand that there by no means was “one” yoga.

Yoga has meant a spread of issues to a number of individuals over the millennia: it may be a apply or the finish outcome of a apply; it may be union or it may be divorce and liberation from a non-dualistic world view; it may be Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Sufi, Christian, and so forth. No one invented yoga, nobody can declare possession (together with cultural possession) and nobody can decide what yoga ought to be. Imagine if somebody stated “only Christians are allowed to pray and only Christians know the proper way to pray!” Prayer doesn’t belong to anybody so anybody can pray, and achieve this in their very own approach. 

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Going ahead yoga will proceed to defy definition and attribution. Is it a bodily follow meant to regain or keep health? Yes, and this dimension of yoga will proceed into the foreseeable future. Is it a psychological apply meant to scale back stress and nervousness and promote wholeness? Yes, and this meditative psychotherapeutic apply will proceed to develop. Both the bodily and psychological facet of yoga can be knowledgeable increasingly by trendy science and fewer by the over-the-top claims present in the conventional textual content (such as “Padmasana is the destroyer of all disease” present in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika) and even the anecdotal proof of academics in the 20th century. But yoga can also be for a lot of a religious follow and this facet will proceed, however I sense to not the similar diploma as the extra secular branches of yoga practices. Even right here although, there’ll proceed to be area for these religious awakenings to be utterly at odds with one another: one individual will awaken to a realization of the unity of all beings (non-dualism) whereas one other will awaken to the sense of aloofness from the materials world (kaivalya, which is dualistic.)

So, whither yoga? Where it has all the time gone: various things to totally different individuals, and in new unpredictable methods as the future has all the time unfolded.

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