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Carriker Chronicles: Adam’s weight loss story, workout plan and diet for weight loss | Carriker Chronicles

All yr spherical, Adam Carriker is taking the heart beat of Husker Nation. In the “Carriker Chronicles” video collection, he breaks down the newest NU information, upcoming opponents, participant updates and recruiting info, and he provides his perception into the X’s and O’s and extra.

In Wednesday’s episode, Carriker shares his post-NFL weight loss story, provides his workout plan and diet for profitable weight loss and extra.

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Here’s the transcript from at this time’s present:

“Welcome to the Carriker Chronicles, the individuals’s present and as we speak is Workout Wednesday and I wanna inform you about how I placed on 100 kilos and then, I misplaced 100 kilos. So from the time I graduated highschool, 13 years later from once I was accomplished enjoying in Nebraska and within the NFL. 13 years later, I progressively went from 220 to 320 from lifting within the weight room, Husker energy and enjoying within the NFL, enjoying Three-Four defensive finish and nostril guard within the NFL as nicely. I simply steadily acquired greater and stronger and stronger as the sport and my job required me to do.

Now, once I retired, I made a decision I didn’t need to be 320 anymore. Just wasn’t healthy for life, been by means of a whole lot of aches and pains in soccer, simply what it’s. And so I made a decision I needed to take about six months and lose that 100 kilos. So what I did is I received a diet. I received a workout routine trigger that is in contrast to something I’ve ever finished in my complete life. I imply one week in the past you superb people at house watching me bench 550 kilos. I wish to bench press fridges, and I wish to squat cellular houses. That’s what I love to do. I’ve by no means favored cardio. I’ve by no means appreciated something over 5 reps. I hate taking — I like taking a variety of relaxation in between my units. That’s simply the way you raise heavy. That’s how I’ve all the time favored to coach. That’s simply me. This is totally totally different.

To lose weight, you wanna do excessive reps, beginning 20 reps, to 10 reps, to 15. Anything under 10, you don’t actually wanna go under that in case you are making an attempt to lose weight. Anywhere from 10 to 20 reps. You need low relaxation. You need on the most 90 seconds in between your rests and your units, or 30 seconds, which is a whole lot of what I did plenty of the time and I might tremendous set. So I’d do a set of bench, I’d go do a set of pull-ups. I’d wait 30 seconds. Well, that was overseas to me, however that’s what I did. I did an entire lot of cardio. I did six days every week of cardio. I did higher physique twice every week, decrease physique twice every week, and then twice every week I’d do cardio with core. So for you high-quality people at house, I might recommend 4 to 6 days every week, and I might recommend lifting and cardio and core concerned in these. And I’ll simply inform you just a little bit about what I did. So for me, Mondays and Thursdays was higher physique and cardio. Tuesday and Fridays was decrease physique and cardio.

I’m taking a look at my previous workout proper now that I used to have, and Wednesday was cardio and then it was core. And I’m gonna put this entire complete workout within the transcript for you advantageous people at residence to see, so I don’t need to element all of it out on the present. So you’ll be able to test it out at your leisure at your personal depth within the transcript. That’s my workout. That’s the gist of a number of the belongings you wanna take from the workout facet of it.

With the cardio, I might recommend mixing it up. I imply there’s stair climber. There’s elliptical. There’s treadmill. You can do plyo field jumps. You can play basketball, make sure that it’s an intense recreation. You can run outdoors. There’s all types of various issues you are able to do. Mix up that cardio so that you simply don’t get bored and intervals. While you’re doing all of your cardio, intervals is one of the simplest ways to lose weight. So run onerous for 90 seconds, relaxation. Run arduous for a minute, relaxation. Run arduous for 30 seconds, relaxation. That’s sort of the way you need your intervals to be, anyplace from 30 seconds to 90 seconds.

Now, so far as the diet, which is necessary, in all probability extra necessary than anything. Even for those who aren’t capable of work out as a result of there’s one thing bothering you bodily, simply comply with the diet facet of this, which I even have proper right here. My similar diet. I’m gonna put that up on the transcript as nicely and you possibly can test it out at your personal leisure and depth as you need to achieve this sooner or later, or instantly following the present would completely be the most effective. But, the issues is the diet is extra essential than something as a result of what you set into your physique, it’s like gasoline in a race automotive. You put — and I’ve finished this earlier than, I’ve put kerosene in my automotive one time accidentally. It’s like placing kerosene in a race automotive as an alternative of premium leaded fuel or unleaded fuel or no matter the perfect fuel is, I’m not a lot of a mechanic.

But so far as the diet goes, that was overseas to me as nicely as a result of I’ve by no means accomplished medicine, I’ve been drunk as soon as in my life and I’ll simply confess proper now. It was at my Washington State recruiting go to and my dad was there. I used to be hungover the subsequent day, sick as a canine and we managed to idiot them. Dad in case you’re watching this, I’m positive you realize by now. I feel I informed you years later. But anyhow, my vice was food. I might go into Burger King, “Hey, Adam. How you doing?” I might go into Taco Bell. “Adam, do you want your regular?” Like to me everybody had a vice. Food can’t be the worst factor on the earth, in order that was my vice. So for me, I’d by no means eaten like this earlier than in my complete life both. It was an ideal problem and one thing I’d by no means ever carried out in my complete life.

Now, I’m simply gonna briefly cowl the diet facet of this. You need your breakfast to be your largest meal of the day since you want your power, it’s worthwhile to have some healthy carbs, some healthy sugars so you’ve a bit of pep in your step for your complete day, so that you’re not dragging. And additionally, because the day goes alongside, your physique digests what you ate within the morning. If you might have an enormous supper, it nonetheless—it gained’t be as digested, so the size isn’t gonna such as you as a lot. So because the day goes alongside, you need to eat much less and much less and much less.

So my breakfast was the most important meal of the day, I’d have a inexperienced smoothie. There’d often be a pair fruits in there, a banana, blueberries, goji berries, raspberries, a few of the tremendous fruits. I’d put a serving of greens in there whether or not it’s kale, spinach, energy greens, one thing of that nature. Just a little little bit of protein powder, it helps give it somewhat thickness, somewhat taste to it as properly. The different factor that I might put in there was some nuts. You know whether or not it’s almonds, Brazil nuts, or walnuts. Those issues are actually good. That’d be my inexperienced smoothie, and I might both have some scrambled eggs, or I’d have, and I’m not gonna misinform you this was not the perfect tasting factor beneath God’s scorching solar, however I might have these little packets of grilled hen breasts. I might take it out and I might simply eat it. It’s not very many energy, and it’s 42 grams of protein. Bam, identical to that. Not the perfect tasting factor on the earth, so you are able to do scrambled eggs as an alternative. And for these healthy carbs have some entire grain toast or probably some oatmeal.

And after I’d go workout, what I simply talked about just a little bit, I’d have a post-workout shake. You know, three scoops of protein, perhaps some keratin, some glutamine, put a few scoops of a number of the greens powder combine that I’d had found that I actually like rather well referred to as Green Greens X, free plug proper there for you. You owe me wonderful, fantastic firm of, of dietary dietary supplements you. But that’s what I’d have afterwards additionally with fish oil complement I’d take a tablespoon of it. Give you just a little additional power. Help you get well as properly. And you possibly can learn the remainder of what’s on this diet that I ate, however progressively because the day went alongside, I ate somewhat bit much less and much less. You need extra within the morning for power and progressively your physique digests and you wanna eat much less all through the day.

Now the primary factor you wanna do is you wanna eat protein 4 to 5 occasions a day. That helps your physique recuperate. You additionally need to eat greens 4 to 5 occasions a day. That helps your physique heal from these workout and from what you’re placing your physique via in the mean time to attempt to lose this weight. And when you could have simply straight protein and greens these are referred to as hearth meals as a result of that’s precisely what you want and it’s nothing extra. So you’re nonetheless supplying your physique vitamins. Yet, you’re giving it the minimal quantity that it wants, in order that’s how one can lose the weight.

And the issues you must hold monitor of, hold monitor of energy, carbs and your sugars. Those are the three issues to maintain monitor of probably the most, and in the event you’re gonna get some dietary supplements, which I extremely advise, a multivitamin, a digestine, and as I beforehand talked about earlier than fish oil, glutamine, and some keratin as properly.

And on Sundays you do get a cheat meal women and gents. For me, that was my sanity. I’d begin planning that factor on Monday. Where I used to be gonna go, what I used to be gonna do, what I used to be gonna eat. Don’t obsess about it. It simply gave me one thing to sit up for and helped me personally hold my sanity. And I might take pleasure in it each single Sunday.

But now, one of many largest issues I’ve discovered was that this was a six month course of for me, and about two months in, I misplaced a ton of weight, and I took an unload week. I chilled for every week as a result of I would like, I don’t need it to be a diet. Don’t go on a diet. Do not go on a diet. Take The Biggest Loser. More typically than not, the winner from that present will, approach most of the time should you return and do your analysis, the winner from that present from every season that that they had now weighs extra or as a lot or greater than earlier than they misplaced all that weight. Diets don’t final since you go mentally loopy, and typically they will alter your metabolism and make issues means worse.

So, I needed a life-style change. So, I mentally loved understanding and consuming like I had by no means executed in my whole life. For me, it was a model new problem, and I used to be enthusiastic about it. I loved it.

After unload week, my largest concern was placing on weight throughout that week, and I didn’t. But, I simply had a tough time coming again. In reality, I used to be posting each Wednesday, understanding. It was weight loss Wednesday on the time. People have been following me, and I give up posting about it as a result of I made a decision I wanted to take a bit bit extra of a break. Now, simply trigger your drained. Just trigger it’s onerous. Just trigger you’re hungry don’t give in. Don’t be—no, no, no, no. Keep going, however should you really feel your self beginning to go loopy and coo-coo, that girls and gents, that’s whenever you gotta make a life-style change and not simply go for a fad diet.

Now, so, I took a bit of bit extra day without work, and once I got here again, I used to be a bit of bit extra rejuvenated. It nonetheless wasn’t straightforward as a result of it’s difficult. But regularly over the remainder of that point — as a result of I misplaced lots of weight upfront, determined to relax out so I wouldn’t drive myself loopy — and then, during the last couple of months, over these six months, the rest of that point, I misplaced the remainder of the weight progressively, in order that I might not go loopy and put it again on.

Now, it’s all based mostly on what, how you are feeling. If you are feeling such as you’re good, hold pushing on. Four days every week. Six days every week. Six months. A yr. Whatever you are able to do to final long run.

There was a man, who was within the military, who hit me up. Sir, Adam, how do I lose weight? I despatched him precisely what’s on these papers, which might be within the transcript. He simply hit me up a few couple months in the past and he simply hit me up about two weeks in the past, about six weeks later and stated, ‘I’ve misplaced 51 kilos. Thank you, sir.’ Congratulations to you sir as a result of you could have finished the work.

Now, full disclosure, I weight 260 kilos immediately. 220, 320, to 220. Why am I 260? I’ll be brutally trustworthy with you, once I acquired to 240, I seemed within the mirror, and I didn’t need to lose anymore. I used to be getting too skinny, however I needed to succeed in my objective. As quickly as I acquired to 220, I acquired proper again to 240, and regularly over the previous few months I’ve found, in order that I can take pleasure in food, carry the best way I would like, 260’s the place I’m. Largest arms on the D-line baby. Check out the Carriker Chronicles. omaha.com, my Facebook and Twitter, best solution to entry the present. Sign up for the e-mail notifications, have it proper at your finger tips. That was your Workout Wednesday with tip of the week. You’re welcome.”


Carriker Chronicles: Adam's weight loss story, workout plan and diet for weight loss


Carriker Chronicles: Adam's weight loss story, workout plan and diet for weight loss

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