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Diet and Fitness Expert Louise Parker Shares Her Top Tips

If you’re trying to reset your health and fitness routine for fall, A-list coach and bestselling writer Louise Parker is right here to assist.

“There are tricks of the trade that people can do after the summer and after the holidays, to give themselves a bit of a redo,” the UK. based mostly mom-of-three, tells PEOPLE. “Perhaps they’ve been flying or overeating or drinking too much. I think it’s normal to put on a couple of kilos after [a summer holiday].”

The writer of The Louise Parker Method: Lean for Life books helps individuals attain and keep their objective weight via 6-week and 12-week packages, which comply with her four-pillar approach (assume efficiently, eat superbly, exercise intelligently and stay nicely). The @figuremagician additionally suggests methods to jumpstart your routine in simply two to 3 weeks.

“People want to feel better in a couple weeks. It may not be a total body transformation, but they want to feel better,” says Parker who helped Emma Thompson drop two dress sizes. “The good news is that you can make a difference in that time. You’ve got to put your full energy into it. You’ve got to go for it. A little bit of determination for a couple of weeks is good because it puts your habits back in place.”

Here are Parker’s tips to getting again on monitor in two-weeks time:

Cut out all of the junk food.
“I mean all of it. I think it’s easier to [totally cut out] sugars than to dabble with it here and there,” says Parker. “On a longer program, we’d ok a slice of birthday cake or whatever it is, but if we’ve got two weeks, we don’t have time for it. Swerve around all alcohol, sugars and junk. You’ve got to look at it as: if you don’t smoke, you have to look at that stuff like you would a cigarette. I don’t smoke, I don’t do that. Dig your heels in for those two weeks … within three days it gets easier.”

Get savvy about hidden sugars.
Parker talks about being “organically overweight.” “People will say, ‘I’m doing clear consuming and I’m gaining weight. What the heck is occurring?’  I feel that is the place individuals can actually go flawed. [For example,] they’re consuming power bowls manufactured from dates and honey. Those meals are pure and nutritious and they could be natural and gluten-free. If you’re feeding them to your youngsters, otherwise you’re utilizing them to take care of your weight, they’re completely advantageous. But in the event you’re making an attempt to drop a number of kilos, it’s nonetheless sugar. If your physique doesn’t want it or it could’t burn by means of it, it’s going to finish up in your bottom. Check the label and save your self any misconceptions. It’s one factor to know you’re consuming a sweet bar, however it’s completely soul destroying once you’re placing in a serious effort consuming gluten-free and natural [and still putting on weight].

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Watch the salt…
You want salt in your food regimen … it’s harmful to remove it utterly, nevertheless it’s a very good concept to control salt,” says Parker. [Start by] utilizing half the quantity of salt you usually would and examine the labels of something that’s processed and not a pure food. You in all probability need to keep away from something in a packet as a result of the truth is that they need to put salt in it to maintain its shelf life. [Too much salt] will make your limbs seem puffy and you’ll look bloated. If I’m getting somebody prepared for awards season or an occasion, two to 3 days earlier than we scale back the salt consumption. It’s unimaginable the distinction it makes by simply getting the salt out and growing the hydration. Your physique will eliminate that waterlogged tissue.”

… and drink loads of water.
“Aim for about three liters of water a day,” suggests Parker. “But don’t go bonkers about it. It can be dangerous and lead to hyponatremia.”

Follow a food plan.
“Get your mindset on the good, healthy foods that you like to eat; don’t focus on what you can’t have,” says Parker. “Eat three meals a day and two snacks. Aim for each meal to have good dose of protein, which stabilizes your blood sugar levels, hormones and your appetite, fruit or seasonal vegetables and a little bit of healthy fats.”

Exercise day by day.
“If you want results quickly, I would say, aim to work out every day you possibly can. I have a little mantra: pay your daily rent,” says Parker. “If you do a little something – and it can be four minutes or forty minutes – everyday, you’re just reminding your brain of your habit, which soon will become part of who of you are. If you want to make a difference in two or three weeks, you’ve got to put something into it. Those four minutes are not going to cut it, but it doesn’t have to be long. It can be thirty minutes. The reality is if you’re not in the mood and do thirty minutes, the likelihood is it will turn into forty minutes or even an hour.”

Parker gives two exercises to get you began:



Courtesy Louise Parker; The Louise Parker Method: Lean for Life

Squats on Fire
1. Stand together with your ft broad aside and sit again right into a squat with thighs parallel to the bottom. Ensure your knees don’t cross over your toe line. Your palms must be clenched a the middle of your physique.
2. As you rise up, actually push by means of the left heel and prolong your proper leg right into a side-kick, pulsing up and down on the prime for five sluggish repetitions.
three. Lower your leg and sit again down into the squat, getting ready to push up once more by means of the other heel.
four. Repeat with the left leg and proceed alternation till you’ve got accomplished a full minute.


Courtesy Louise Parker; The Louise Parker Method: Lean for Life


Slim Side Lunges
1. Stand together with your ft hip-width aside and step your proper food broad to the aspect. As you drop right into a lunge, attain together with your left hand to the touch your proper foot. Don’t permit your proper knee to increase past your tow line. Focus on holding your chest lifted and your weight within the heels of your ft.
2. Now push into your proper foot to return to a standing place, then repeat the lunge on the other aspect. As all the time, keep in mind to maintain your core engaged. Keep alternation till you’ve accomplished one minute.

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