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Female Celebrities Who Demanded Equal Pay as Their Male Co-Stars


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It’s exhausting to fathom, however we truly stay in a world the place individuals assume that it is okay to compensate women less than their male counterparts for doing the identical job. It does not matter in the event that they share the identical expertise and credentials, and it does not matter if the lady occurs to have much more expertise. The reality of the matter is: A person’s work is all the time seen as extra useful and worthwhile. Simply as a result of he has ‘male’ checked on his start certificates.

We all know that there are apparent flaws in that logic, nevertheless it hasn’t stopped Hollywood from turning a blind eye to them. There are tons of gifted actresses who’ve admitted to being paid lower than half of their male co-stars for sure tasks, and even once they demanded extra, they have been typically pressured to barter and settle with a lot lower than they initially requested for. It’s past irritating since you’d virtually assume that these ladies have been asking for a uncommon luxurious from the best way that the topic is approached quite than the earnings that they rightfully deserve.

Some may argue that these stars are already getting paid an entire lot and that their earnings should be commensurate with their degree of expertise. Both are truthful factors, however it does not change the truth that women are always under-compensated – no matter their expertise degree. Tina Fey as soon as stated: “If you were to really look at it, the boys are still getting more money for a lot of garbage, while the ladies are hustling and doing amazing work for less.” We truthfully could not have stated it higher ourselves.

See which feminine stars have refused to place up with pay discrimination.

1. Priyanka Chopra


The actress revealed that she tried to get equal pay for her tasks a number of occasions, however these requests have been typically shot down.

“It’s a scary place. You will be rejected. I was rejected many times. I cried. I was told that female actors are replaceable in films because they just stand behind a guy anyway. I’m still used to being paid — like most actresses around the world — a lot less than the boys. We’re told we’re too provocative or that being sexy is our strength, which it can be, and it is, but that’s not the only thing we have,” she stated.

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