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Freeman Medical Focus: Food Labels

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Checking out the nutrition breakdown on a nutrition label is essential for any affected person. But it is much more essential for somebody with diabetes who must hold their carbs in examine.

Susan Pittman, Diabetes Educ.: “With our patients with diabetes, we do want them looking at labels specifically so they can see the carbohydrates in the food they’re eating. And once they see that, they can work it into their meal plan.”

That consists of making an attempt to regulate what they eat to the beneficial variety of carbs.

Susan Pittman, Diabetes Educ.: “It will allow their blood sugars to stay in target range; it may range depending on activity but for a lot of people 35 – 40 grams of carb per meal may be a target. For people who are more active it may be 65 – 70 grams of carb per meal.”

But with all the additional treats this time of yr, it may be robust to guess how a lot that’s.

Susan Pittman, Diabetes Educ.: “We look at things that are the size of a tennis ball and if they’re a starch or a fruit, those things are going to be about 15 g of carb. And if they’re twice that big, if they’re the size of a softball we would estimate those to be about 30g of carb.”

And with so many extra temptations at vacation events this time of yr, extra imp than ever to stay with the essential of healthy consuming.

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