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Health expert talks bug bites, skin care and pest repellent

Health expert Emily Schromm shares some concepts for treating bug bites and solar burns.

Emily Schromm , KUSA
eight:32 AM. MDT August 28, 2017

DENVER – Sometimes the widespread daily illnesses we endure via are literally a results of a dietary deficiency!

Listen to your physique and attempt these options with regards to these everyday nuisances.

Chocolate cravings?

Cacao is full of magnesium and chromium. Try magnesium supplementation at night time or a healthy scorching chocolate utilizing actual cacao powder and pure sweeteners.

Sunburn simply?

It might be an indication of fatty acid deficiency! Be positive you’re taking a top quality fish oil filled with omega 3s. Wild caught fish and grassfed beef additionally include excessive quantities of this!

Hard to get up?

Add a pinch of salt to a glass of water very first thing within the morning to hydrate and help adrenals.

Bug Bites?

Could be an indication of a vitamin B deficiency. Take a B vitamin or multi-vitamin with excessive quantities of B1 or B2, and in the event you want bug spray, try this homemade version! Staying away from the chemical DEET is a should.

Remember, your physique is sensible! Listen to it and discover your healthiest model of you but.

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