Midsummer Wellness Tips

“Tis the season to stay healthy.” — Jeni Bond, way of life skilled

Staying healthy all through the summer time months is a prime precedence for hundreds of thousands of Americans, whether or not they’re on trip or just having fun with the nice and cozy climate.

Lifestyle skilled Jeni Bond from FunTrendsUSA.com — @JeniBondSays on Twitter — has some nice tips on how to take action:

  • Stay Hydrated. “You can easily improve your summer hydration habits by owning a SodaStream machine. At a touch of a button, SodaStream transforms tap water into effervescent, guiltless, sparkling water that you and your family will love to drink. And it costs only about 26 cents per liter to make, compared to $2.00 or more for imported bottled brands. The SodaStream Source retails for $99.99 at retailers nationwide and at SodaStreamUSA.com.”
  • Beware of Food Sensitivities. “Millions of Americans suffer from food sensitivities, which often go undiagnosed. Such sensitivities can lead to migraines, arthritis, weight gain, IBS and depression. Cell Science Systems has developed the Alcat Test, which can pinpoint the sensitivities to 450 foods, additives and other substances. The test is available through physicians, nutritionists and dietitians. Visit cellsciencesystems.com or call 1-800-GET-TESTED® for more details.”
  • Download the My Travel Health App. “Before heading out of town on your vacation, go to the Apple Apps Store and download the new My Travel Health App. This app offers practical, easy-to-follow advice and tips from the world-famous Mayo Clinic, plus provides specific recommendations for vaccinations and other preventive measures based on your destination. It is available exclusively from the Apple Store — goo.gl/bqL1sQ — for only $2.99.”

For extra info, go to FunTrendsUSA.com or contact: Barry D. Miller, Miller/Weiner Communications/551-697-3007/ barry@miller-weiner.com