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How A DNA Test Led To This Woman’s Weight Loss Wake-Up Call

Joanne, you’re more likely to weigh extra on a weight loss plan excessive in saturated fats.

By spitting right into a tube, Joanne Laird obtained the knowledge she’d been on a decades-long quest to seek out: That by merely slicing saturated fats from her meals, she’d lastly have the ability to shed kilos — and hold them off. The lightbulb second, as Laird calls it, occurred seven months in the past, after she acquired her outcomes again from a 23andMe DNA testing package. The 75-year-old is now down 55 kilos.

Courtesy of Joanne Laird

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“I’ve been on every diet known to man, and my husband likes to joke that I have every weight loss book that’s ever been published,” Laird laughs. Over the years, she’s tried Optifast, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, and Weight Watchers no less than eight or 9 occasions. “I’ve been overweight my entire life, always fought it,” she says. But the cycle would repeat itself: Laird would attempt a brand new program, lose some weight, then ultimately surrender and achieve every little thing again.

She purchased a 23andMe package on a whim. The ancestry element did not curiosity her; it was the health outcomes that Laird was invested in. “I’m at an age that you think about your health a lot, and I really didn’t know what to expect,” she says. But she adopted protocol — acquire your saliva, seal it in a tube, and ship it off to be examined — and the outcomes have been posted on-line weeks later.

Courtesy of 23andMe

Joanne, you’re more likely to weigh extra on a food plan excessive in saturated fats. “That one line stuck out like a sore thumb,” Laird says. Fourteen years in the past, she’d determined to develop into a vegetarian. “I thought, if I was overweight, I at least wanted to try to be healthy.” But it turns vegetarianism, the one eating regimen she caught to, was a part of her downfall. “When you’re vegetarian, cheese is a major food group. And what’s in cheese but saturated fat,” she says.

So Laird minimize out butter, cheese, and eggs, including in additional veggies, tofu, and beans. “I haven’t had pizza since the test, and that’s a hard one,” she laughs. Now Laird’s day by day lunch is a humungous salad, with not more than two tablespoons of dressing made with olive oil. “I’m getting to be kind of a quasi-vegan,” she feedback. She rejoined Weight Watchers — this system now takes saturated fats into consideration when figuring out factors — and has been down kilos in almost each weekly weigh-in.

Visit 23andMe’s web site, and you will see Laird is way from the one success story. People have detected latent illnesses and confirmed food intolerances. They’ve found predispositions for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. “Our service can tell customers about their health and ancestry based on certain markers in their DNA. You can learn how your DNA relates to everything from caffeine consumption to lactose intolerance,” 23andMe’s senior product scientist and supervisor Alisa Lehman says.

Courtesy of 23andMe

But weight loss is the place the corporate is at present focusing its efforts. It launched a brand new 100,000-person study to see how DNA ties into it. “Hopefully we’ll help discover how certain types of diets and exercise regimens work together with genetics and other lifestyle factors to impact weight loss,” Lehman says.

Laird is not concerned within the research, however she’s develop into considerably of a strolling, speaking commercial for 23andMe, telling everybody who compliments her new determine concerning the package. “I hate to sound like a commercial, but I’m just so excited about it!” she says. “It absolutely changed my life.”

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