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Must-know List of Foods to Avoid for Babies to Keep Them Safe and Healthy (Printable Included)

foods to avoid for babies

Foods to be prevented when feeding infants and why

When you begin introducing solid foods to your baby, you instantly run into the query of what meals to keep away from for infants, since they could be dangerous to the kid. Most infants can eat virtually any variety of food in the event you begin slowly. But there are some essential meals to keep away from throughout your baby’s first yr.

We have gathered the newest suggestions for you. Unless critical food allergic reactions run in your loved ones or your baby appears to be very delicate, the listing isn’t that lengthy.

If you do have food allergic reactions in your loved ones, this listing just isn’t for you. In such case or in case you suspect that your baby could also be delicate to some meals, you must speak to your baby’s physician about what meals to keep away from and how to proceed.

The listing under is split Important Foods to Avoid and Foods to Avoid – Not Critical relying in your ambitions and private view.

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Important Foods to Avoid For Babies


What to do?
Don’t use any salt in any respect in your baby’s food till she or he is 1 yr previous. (And proceed to be restrictive after that.) The salt that’s already within the breast milk or components is sufficient.

Also, don’t supply food that incorporates rather a lot of salt, similar to some sausages, broths or potato chips. Even breakfast cereal can include quite a bit of salt. Check the dietary info. Also, when you use bottled water for your baby’s formulation, or simply for consuming, ensure that the water shouldn’t be excessive in sodium.

What can occur?
Babies’ kidneys are usually not developed sufficient to have the opportunity to deal with an excessive amount of salt, so the salt may cause injury.


What to do?
Honey is definitely one of crucial meals to keep away from throughout your baby’s first yr. This consists of additionally corn syrup and maple syrup.

What can occur?
Honey can include bacterial spores that may lead to toddler botulism. This is a uncommon however very critical illness that may be deadly. Even if worldwide research solely have discovered these spores in honey in a number of instances, the illness is so critical that the advice is to not give your baby honey in any type till the baby is 1-year-old. Some analysis additionally signifies that botulism spores could also be one potential trigger of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or “crib death”.

Only infants can get toddler botulism; adults and older youngsters aren’t affected.

If your baby has been fed honey, the danger continues to be very low that your baby will endure toddler botulism. The commonest and earliest symptom is constipation. Other signs embrace generalized weak spot, a weak cry, poor sucking reflex, irritability, lack of facial features, and loss of head management.If you’re in any respect nervous, contact a pediatrician.

Spinach, beets, turnips, collard greens and carrots

What to do?
Be cautious when utilizing greens which might be excessive in nitrates when making homemade baby food.

Such greens are:

  • Spinach
  • Cabbage
  • Beets
  • Turnips
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots

These greens are excessive in nitrates and are meals to keep away from for infants youthful than four months previous. Actually the place I reside, the overall suggestion is to keep away from spinach and beets till the baby is 1 yr previous, however all research that I’ve discovered point out that the dangers related to nitrates kind of disappear across the age of four months.

Still, it’s sensible to watch out!

Studies have additionally proven that natural greens are decrease in nitrates than typical greens.

Nitrate ranges are additionally affected by how the meals are ready:

  • The greens want to be frozen immediately after harvest.
  • Do not use greens which were frozen for greater than 5 months.
  • Vegetables shouldn’t be thawed for longer than 15 hours in room temperature
  • Do not retailer ready meals from these greens for any size of time.
  • Finally, don’t use properly water to prepare dinner food for your baby until the nitrate content material has been checked.

Commercially ready canned baby food of these meals can be utilized with out danger, since their nitrate content material is managed.

What can occur?
Nitrate could be dangerous to younger infants, within the worst instances main to the Blue Baby illness. What occurs is that a too excessive focus of nitrates can forestall oxygen from being carried correctly in your baby’s blood. Low oxygen within the blood will trigger infants to have blue-colored pores and skin, which is why the illness is usually referred to as “blue baby” illness. This illness can also be referred to as “methemoglobinemia.” A couple of instances of blue baby illness from spinach have been present in Germany. The younger infants have been fed spinach pureed at residence and saved in a poor method.

The youthful the baby, the upper the dangers.

Just watch out at first and your baby might be high quality!


What to do?
Avoid giving numerous sorts of nuts to your baby through the first yr.

What can occur?
Nuts must be prevented for two causes:

  • Children might develop an allergy; peanuts particularly are very allergenic.
  • They are a possible choking hazard.

Cow’s milk

What to do?
Many infants can deal with some dairy merchandise when they’re round 6 months old. However, most nations advocate avoiding cow’s milk as a drink in the course of the baby’s first yr.

In the US, the overall suggestion is to begin with small servings of dairy merchandise when the baby is 9 months previous and to wait with cow’s milk as a drink till the baby is 1-year-old.

Skim milk and low-fat milk merchandise are meals to keep away from utterly for infants. They provide an excessive amount of protein, potassium, and sodium and not sufficient energy for the rising toddler. Children additionally want the fats for correct progress and improvement together with mind improvement. (You can read more about giving fat to babies here.)

What can occur?
Infants who’re fed entire cow’s milk obtain insufficient quantities of vitamin E, iron, and important fatty acids. They additionally obtain extreme quantities of protein, sodium, and potassium. These ranges could also be too excessive for the baby’s system to deal with. Additionally, entire cow’s milk protein and fats are troublesome for an toddler to digest and take up.

The most blatant results are on iron ranges within the physique. Babies fed breast milk or iron-fortified components have regular iron ranges. Recent research present infants typically have depleted ranges when began on cow’s milk at six months of age.

Also, some infants will not be in a position to deal with the milk protein. If your baby throws up or has a abdomen ache after consuming dairy merchandise, contact a pediatrician to schedule an investigation.

Unpasteurized milk

What to do?
Don’t give unpasteurized milk to your baby, truly not even to your toddler.

What can occur?
When milk is being pasteurized, i.e. heated, micro organism that could be within the milk dies. Some micro organism, for instance, E. coli, are recognized to give younger infants and youngsters extreme diarrhea.

Grains that include gluten

What to do?
This one is a bit robust, as a result of suggestions differ between nations.
The most up-to-date suggestion that I’ve learn is to begin slowly, very slowly, with grains whereas nonetheless breastfeeding. A research revealed in 2010 indicated a decrease fee of celiac illness in households with a historical past of this illness when gluten was launched to the baby between three and 7 months of age. On the opposite hand, a big research revealed in January 2015, concluded no correlation between the timing of gluten introduction to infants and the event of celiac illness. (Celiac Disease Not Tied to Gluten Timing in Infants. Medscape. Jan 19, 2015.)

I’ve additionally learn in lots of locations the older suggestion to wait with wheat merchandise till your baby is round one-year-old.
Since suggestions differ a lot, speak to your baby’s physician about your state of affairs.

What can occur?
Your baby might develop gluten intolerance, additionally referred to as celiac illness. Celiac illness is a digestive illness that damages the small gut and interferes with absorption of vitamins from food. People who’ve celiac illness can’t tolerate gluten, which is present in wheat, rye, and barley.

Gluten intolerance is tough to diagnose, but when your baby has diarrhea that gained’t go away, smelly stools, doesn’t achieve weight and perhaps has a bloated stomach, you need to contact a physician. The tendency to get the illness is inherited.

Fish, egg and citrus

What to do?
You might want to begin slowly with these three meals.
Again suggestions differ between nations. Some say these are meals to keep away from till the baby is one-year-old and even older, others say that it’s completely advantageous to introduce these meals sooner or later between eight months and 1 yr.

Regarding fish, be sure the fish you select to serve shouldn’t be recognized to have excessive mercury ranges. Also, begin with “white flesh” fish varieties, reminiscent of Flounder, Haddock, Cod, and Sole, since these are thought-about to be the least allergenic. Check together with your baby’s physician earlier than introducing fish, and particularly shellfish to your baby.

What can occur?
These meals are allergenic. Shellfish are usually worse than fish. Allergic reactions might be something from delicate to lethal; the latter happens primarily from shellfish, though unusual.

Foods to Avoid – Not Critical

Here we listing meals to keep away from extra for their attainable long-term results in your baby’s health and well-being.

Fried and smoked food

What to do?
Fried, deep-fried and smoked food is one other sort of food to keep away from. It is essential to at the least take away the crust if the food is deep-fried or fried.

What can occur?
Fried and smoked meals are a lot more durable for the baby to digest than cooked meals.

Whole-grain merchandise

What to do?
Start slowly! Whole-grain merchandise could be exhausting for infants and toddlers to digest.

What can occur?
Whole-grain merchandise are sometimes marketed to determined mother and father as a approach to make their baby sleep higher. The cause is that whole-grains make your baby keep full for an extended interval.
While this will likely or is probably not true for your baby, this hunt for sleep might come at a price – diarrhea! If your baby’s abdomen appears upset and your baby shouldn’t be unwell, attempt excluding all whole-grain merchandise from his food regimen.


What to do?
Avoid sugar for so long as you possibly can, notably white sugar.

What can occur?

Sugar causes tooth decay and weight problems and could also be dangerous in different methods too. Avoid giving your baby sugar for so long as attainable together with meals, snacks, and drinks that include quite a bit of sugar. Remember that fruit juice incorporates so much of sugar even when no additional sugar has been added. Give your baby actual fruits as an alternative. You can learn more about baby tooth decay here.

Artificial sweeteners

What to do?

Avoid synthetic sweeteners for so long as you possibly can.

What can occur?

These substances (reminiscent of aspartame and sucralose) are fairly new and the health results of utilizing them aren’t all that clear. There are research indicating a better danger of Diabetes Type 2 and weight problems for youngsters consuming synthetic sweeteners for an prolonged time. Why danger it?

That was it! However, I can’t stress sufficient that when you have food allergic reactions in your loved ones, there could also be different meals to keep away from or deal with with warning. In such instances, you should speak to your baby’s physician!

And if you’d like a printable model of this record, you discover it right here:

Do you continue to need assistance together with your baby’s consuming habits? You’ll find a large number of baby feeding questions already answered here.

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