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Pelosi’s problematic claim GOP tax plan ‘sabotages’ health care of 13 million Americans

Many Democrats in Congress describe the GOP tax plan as a scheme to profit the rich on the expense of the center class.

In current weeks, their assaults have been expanded to say it might take away or injury health care for hundreds of thousands of Americans.

That specific criticism began after Senate Republicans added a provision to their tax overhaul invoice that might remove the Affordable Care Act’s particular person mandate — the requirement that Americans have health insurance coverage or pay a penalty. GOP Sen. Susan Collins of Maine has expressed concern over the inclusion of this provision within the tax invoice, which wants approval from almost all Republican senators to cross.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., was the newest Democrat to lodge a comparable criticism of the invoice.

The GOP tax plan “Sabotages the health care of 13 MILLION Americans,” Pelosi’s political group wrote on Twitter on Nov. 27, 2017 as half of an extended listing of criticisms of the invoice.

PolitiFact New York and The Washington Post have fact-checked comparable statements by Democratic leaders concerning the invoice’s impression on health care. They discovered these claims have been partially correct however ignored key information.

We’ll check out these and price Pelosi’s assertion.

Similar claims

Earlier this month, PolitiFact New York rated Half True the claim by Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo: Congressional Republicans “want to take health care from millions of Americans in order to pay for” a tax invoice.

It discovered Cuomo had some extent: Ending the person mandate would end in an estimated 13 million fewer Americans with health protection by 2027, based on the Congressional Budget Office analysis.

Pelosi’s spokesman pointed to the identical CBO report when PolitiFact California requested for proof backing up the congresswoman’s claim.

In its analysis, nevertheless, PolitiFact New York identified that ending the person mandate isn’t the identical factor as stripping away health insurance coverage for a big quantity of Americans. While some would lose entry to health insurance coverage on account of elevated premiums, many others would drop their protection voluntarily.

The Washington Post Fact Checker, in the meantime, gave Two Pinocchios — which it describes as its Half True score — to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer when he stated, “We’re kicking 13 million people off health insurance to give tax cuts to the wealthy.”

The Post described the primary half of Schumer’s assertion as “problematic.”

“CBO, in estimating the impact of repealing the individual mandate, is mostly describing a voluntary action of people choosing not to buy health insurance. That’s not the same as “kicking off” 13 million people. Granted, some people may feel they don’t have a choice because their premiums increased. Senate Democrats need to more accurately describe the CBO report,” the Post concluded.


Pelosi, by way of her political group’s tweet, claims the GOP tax plan “sabotages” the health care of 13 million Americans. We took this to imply it deliberately strips health care from hundreds of thousands. If healthy individuals depart the person market, premiums will go up for the remaining and sicker enrollees. That might pressure some individuals to drop their plans because of value.

But, as with the claims from Cuomo and Schumer, the assertion from Pelosi and her employees ignores the truth that a big portion of the 13 million individuals would voluntarily drop their plans and wouldn’t see a direct health impression.

PolitiFact New York cited research from RAND Corp. that estimated roughly two-thirds of disenrollment would stem from voluntary decisions and one-third can be involuntary. Other analysis has put the share at about 50-50, stated Linda Blumberg, a health coverage specialist on the Urban Institute.

Our ruling

Nancy Pelosi just lately claimed the GOP tax plan “Sabotages the health care of 13 MILLION Americans.”

She has a partial level: Senate Republicans have proposed eliminating the ACA’s requirement that each one Americans have health insurance coverage or pay a penalty. By getting rid of this, the CBO estimates 13 million fewer individuals would have insurance coverage a decade from now.

Many would voluntarily depart the person health care market, driving up premiums for many who stay, forcing some who need to hold their insurance coverage to drop it.

But like different prime Democrats, Pelosi neglected a lot of the story. “Sabotaged” simply doesn’t match for the two-thirds of these researchers say would go away voluntarily.

PolitiFact New York and The Washington Post examined comparable claims and rated them the equal of Half True. They have been partially correct however omitted key info.

We agreed with their assessments.

We additionally price Pelosi’s claim Half True.

HALF TRUE – The assertion is partially correct however leaves out necessary particulars or takes issues out of context.

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The GOP tax plan “Sabotages the health care of 13 MILLION Americans.”

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