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Stroller-based fitness program Baby Boot Camp comes to Winter Garden | West Orange Times & Observer

WINTER GARDEN  Visit Chapin Station on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday morning, and also you may see a gaggle of mothers understanding collectively — little ones and strollers in tow.

In reality, the strollers and the little ones typically play a big half of their morning exercise.

Part of a prenatal and postnatal fitness program referred to as Baby Boot Camp, the Winter Garden & Windermere franchise launched 4 months in the past. 

Alexandra Seba, teacher and franchise proprietor, first acquired concerned with Baby Boot Camp two years in the past, after her daughter was born. Baby Boot Camp is a nationwide firm that was began in 2001 by a brand new mother who needed to discover an efficient exercise that didn’t require hiring a private coach — or a babysitter.

“I found (Baby Boot Camp) on social media, and it was just a mommy group going to work out together, and I said, ‘Yes, perfect,’” Seba stated. “I was a stay-at-home mom, I needed to get out of the house, and I had no idea what other moms were going through. I got to be outside with other moms and their kids and I got my fitness back. One element that drove me to it was the mommy group — it’s a community of awesome moms.” 

The stroller-based fitness class is for each anticipating and new mothers. Participants do cardiovascular drills, power training and interval training — all of which make the most of tubes and bands, in addition to strollers and the little ones.

Once concerned with the program, Seba was requested if she had any curiosity in turning into an teacher. 

The Winter Garden & Windermere franchise just lately turned 4 months previous, and though Seba stated it’s already an excellent group of mothers, she’s additionally wanting to broaden membership and sophistication choices. Her group presently works out these three weekday mornings at Chapin Station in Winter Garden, however she hopes to have the ability to snag an area indoors and broaden class choices to six days every week.

Partner workouts are incorporated into each class.

Ocoee resident Megan Rivera first found Baby Boot Camp two years ago, three months after her daughter was born. She began with the Orlando group, but switched to the Winter Garden group after Seba launched it.

“My husband actually found the boot camp for me,” Rivera said. “I started that because I had no family in the area — I moved 10 years ago for work. He was all I had and I worked out like a crazy woman before having my daughter. It was a good way for me to get out of the house with her and make friends, and for her to make friends too.”

Within the program, workouts can be modified for pregnant moms and those who have just had a baby, and everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace and to have fun while socializing.

“The kids have become friends, and it’s a great way for me to get out, and for the kids to get out,” said Ashley Diana, another group member. “I love the fact that we can get out of the house and make other mommy friends and do something healthy together. The kids love mimicking us and playing together.”

Seba said one of the best selling points about the program is that the children don’t have to be dropped off at a daycare or left with a babysitter.

“They’re right next to us — they have their snacks and toys, and they’re entertained with the music and games we play,” she said.

Any local moms who want to come out and try a class are encouraged to do so. Seba suggests bringing a yoga mat or beach towel, water bottle, snacks and entertainment for their little ones, comfy workout clothes and, of course, little ones and their strollers.

“You have nothing to lose,” Seba said. “It’s a great group of moms, we all encourage each other. It doesn’t matter where you’re starting, we’re all in it together. We’ll get to our goal slowly but surely, and we’re all in motherhood together, too.”

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