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The Best Guide to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Cardio Routine

hiit cardio workout

Do you need to be in form? Of course you do!

A good way to burn fats and construct muscle with out spending hours on the health club is with high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Many individuals — together with fit celebrities — swear by this exercise regime.

This article provides you all the things you want for a HIIT cardio exercise that produces outcomes.

Ready? Let’s go!

What Is HIIT?

HIIT is a method of training. In a brief a block of time, you alternate between low- and high-intensity exercise. It’s designed to get your coronary heart price up and hold it excessive for intervals that vary from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. The low-intensity intervals are typically referred to as lively restoration.

During the high-intensity intervals, you push your muscle tissue and cardiovascular system to their restrict. This forces your physique into an anaerobic state. Which means your physique burns carbohydrates as a result of it’s the quickest method to get gasoline. Anaerobic means “without oxygen”. It’s the sort of exercise that generates lactic acid in your muscle tissue.

The low-intensity intervals are cardio. This means your physique makes use of oxygen to carry gasoline to your muscular tissues, together with coronary heart muscle tissues. When the necessity for gasoline is much less pressing, your physique has time to flip fats into glucose. Glucose can then be became glycogen, the gasoline your muscle tissue want.

The Benefits a HIIT Cardio Workout

You can use the HIIT fashion for any sort of exercise. A HIIT cardio exercise is sweet for individuals new to the expertise of giving all of it you’ve gotten for up to 5 minutes. Once you’ve discovered what high-intensity seems like, you’ll be able to change it up with HIIT workouts that put a concentrate on arms or legs.

Quick Results

HIIT exercises are well-liked as a result of they yield outcomes ahead of much less intense routines.

HIIT training retains your post-workout metabolism (the speed your physique burns gasoline) larger for longer. The larger your metabolism, the quicker you burn carbohydrates for gasoline. Remember, if carbohydrates are burned, they will’t be become saved fats. Plus, with a excessive metabolism, your physique will flip saved fats into gasoline.

Cardio Exercises

Small Time Investment

If you don’t have loads of time for exercising, a HIIT cardio exercise is an effective answer for moving into form. A 20-minute HIIT exercise will help enhance cardiovascular health, improve muscle and scale back physique fats.

The brief bursts of power consumption utilized in HIIT are time-efficient. To obtain the identical degree of muscle exertion via endurance training, you want extra time.

Equipment Optional

It’s true that in the event you add adjustable dumbell weights to your HIIT cardio exercise you’ll construct muscle at a quicker price. But in case you’re beginning out, you are able to do the exercise with out gear. Even the operating parts of the exercise could be and not using a treadmill. Many individuals take their HIIT cardio exercise outdoor!

HIIT Cardio Workout Guide

Another interesting facet to HIIT exercises is the variability. Mixing it up does greater than maintain you from becoming bored. It stops your muscle tissues from “learning” what comes subsequent. Our our bodies search effectivity. Varying your HIIT exercises retains your physique on its toes!

Here’s what you want to know and do for an excellent HIIT cardio exercise:

Know Your Paces

To get probably the most out of your exercise, set up your base, push and excessive paces.

Your base tempo is the velocity you’ll be able to run with low or average effort. A standard base tempo can be within the vary of Four-5 mph.

Your push tempo ought to be difficult however attainable. For most individuals, it’s 1-Three mph quicker than their base tempo.

You gained’t be operating at your excessive tempo typically or for lengthy as a result of, nicely, it’s excessive. Try for 1-2 mph quicker than your push tempo.

The easiest method to work out your tempo is to use a gps running watch to seize time and coronary heart fee. You may also use average heart rates to information you.

Choose Your Activities

You can select one cardio exercise and carry out it at totally different intensities. Examples of cardio exercises: operating, biking, swimming, spinning, leaping rope.

You may also attempt incorporating 1-Three different exercises. Some of one of the best secondary exercises are:


For low-intensity intervals, do the squats slowly. Do extra squats per minute for the high-intensity intervals or attempt squat jumps.


Push-ups are a sensible choice for lively restoration. But if you would like to take them up a notch for a high-intensity interval, do extra per minute. You might additionally clap on the “top” of every push-up.


sit ups

This is one other good exercise for lively restoration. Your coronary heart doesn’t have to work as onerous if you lie in your again. But the movement of sit-ups will hold it lively.


Burpees are a superb addition to any HIIT cardio workout. It virtually doesn’t matter what number of you are able to do. It’s the speedy shift between vertical and horizontal positions that works your coronary heart.

Mountain Climbers

This flooring exercise offers good cardio for individuals in any respect ranges of fitness. Slow, regular motions will provide you with lively restoration. For high-intensity, improve the variety of motions per minute or place the entrance foot between your palms.

Select Your Intervals

There are many HIIT packages with prescribed intervals out there. But if you would like to create your personal, listed here are two patterns you’ll be able to comply with:

HIIT Workout Pattern #1

This sample creates a 24-minute exercise.

  • Three-minute warm-up at a tempo a bit slower than your base tempo
  • 60 seconds at push tempo (or equal heartbeats per minute if doing different exercises)
  • 45 seconds at base tempo (or equal heartbeats per minute)

Repeat the high-low sample 12 occasions. During the 12th set, go at your excessive tempo through the high-intensity interval. You can do that exercise Three-Four occasions every week.

HIIT Workout Pattern #2

This sample creates a 22-minute exercise.

  • 2-minute warm-up at a tempo a bit slower than your base tempo
  • 90 seconds at push tempo (or equal heartbeats per minute if doing different exercises)
  • 60 seconds at base tempo (or equal heartbeats per minute)

Repeat the high-low sample eight occasions. During the eighth set, go at your excessive tempo through the high-intensity interval. You can do that exercise Three-Four occasions every week.

A Final Thought

The most necessary factor to keep in mind about HIIT exercises is the stability between pushing your physique and resting. If you retain that in thoughts, you’ll be able to flip virtually any set of exercises right into a HIIT.

Stay motivated by incorporating the exercises you take pleasure in. Challenge your self and keep protected through the use of the appropriate gear for every exercise.

Do you could have a favourite HIIT exercise? Tell us about it within the feedback part under.

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