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The Power of Self-Inquiry Practice for Embracing Authenticity

New yr, REAL you. If you’re able to embrace authenticity this yr, self-inquiry is a strong place to start out. Yoga instructor Tracee Stanley exhibits us how.

Let me ask you to think about whether or not there’s a chasm between who you really are at your essence and the way you’re truly dwelling your life. Not positive? You may have a apply that guides you towards introspection and discernment—one which clears the best way for understanding the reality of who you’re and who you aren’t. I do know I do, day by day. This sort of self-knowledge permits you to let go of previous tales, different individuals’s opinions of who you need to be, and start to relaxation absolutely into who you’re.

But WHO ARE YOU? That is the large query. 

What Is Self-Inquiry Practice? 

Just as an attentive asana apply acquaints you with the intricacies your bodily physique, the apply of self-inquiry (vichara) powerfully delves into the character of the self. Originating with the knowledge of Vedanta, the dominant philosophy of Hinduism, self-inquiry is illuminated within the sacred textual content The Yoga Vashista. It is the apply of having an inner dialogue with your self and the method of inquiring into your true nature. Self-study (svadhyaya) is the associated course of of analyzing your behaviors, habits, and patterns as a way to domesticate self-awareness. 

An environment friendly yoga follow helps you amplify the resilience and beauty it takes to fiercely transfer towards what serves you and away from what and whom doesn’t. Self-inquiry and self-study practices are key items to uplevel your discernment and assist to develop the upper points of your thoughts by connecting you together with your inner GPS. They train you to belief your self.

The extra you look inside for the solutions and make shifts guided by the inside knowledge that self-inquiry apply nurtures, the smaller that hole between who you’re and the way you’re dwelling turns into. Ask your self: “Does the quality of my life currently reflect my fullest potential?” What wants to vary?” Just by considering and answering the the query you’ll have made the hole a bit of smaller.

If your self-inquiry follow takes the shape of one thing nearer to self-study, don’t be concerned. Both are beneficial, and there can typically be quite a bit to unpack in trendy life earlier than you are feeling that you’ve the spaciousness for deeper practices. The constant follow of self-inquiry, self-study, and intention-setting will help you deconstruct unfavorable habits and limiting beliefs. They can get you out of a rut. As you domesticate extra internal knowledge, your self-compassion will develop and your relationship with others will shift. Your life will probably be knowledgeable with a top quality of understanding that comes from deep with inside—your inside instructor. That is being really empowered. If you’re able to activate constructive transformation in 2018, that is the follow so as to add to your toolbox. 

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A Couple of Challenges to Anticipate with Self-Inquiry Practice

Know that reaping all of the rewards of connecting to your true self doesn’t occur with out some challenges. If you’re human…you’ll possible face:

1. Resistance

One of the most important pitfalls to look out for whenever you decide to a self-inquiry follow is resistance. Some of what comes up could also be painful and onerous to take a look at. In reality you may bump up towards one thing that you’ve been avoiding your entire life. If you attempt to ignore what’s arising, you may be caught in a cycle that leads you proper again to the place you began. (Think Groundhog Day.) Keep in thoughts that it’s an act of radical self-love to attach with a therapist or counselor in the event you start to really feel overwhelmed. Resistance will are available many types, distracting you from shifting ahead—social media, the information, gossip, buying, pointless consuming, binge watching Game of Thrones. The upside is that resistance provides you the chance to tune in to your self and ask the potent questions which have the power to rework you: “How do I behave when I feel uncomfortable?” “What behaviors do I engage in to avoid feeling pain?” “Am I ready to change?”

2. Discipline

Procrastination is one other type of resistance. So you may want an ally that will help you. Set a interval of time that you’re prepared to decide to for your self-inquiry follow—21 or 40 days is right for altering the neural pathways within the mind. Now discover a buddy to commit with you. Together you’ll be able to encourage one another to remain on level. Discuss the insights that you’ve gained with one another and decide to being genuine and clear. 

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How to Get Started Practicing Self-Inquiry

Knowing which inquiries to ask your self could be a problem, so discovering a set of oracle cards or a journal with prompts is an effective begin to get you snug with the follow. We’ve included a set of 7 self-inquiry questions which you could attempt for the subsequent week to get began. Make your self a cup of tea and make it your every day morning or night follow. If you’re already training asana or meditation frequently, think about including one other 10 minutes to your routine for self-inquiry and self-study. 

Step 1:

Set your sankalpa (resolve or intention) for the follow. It may be one thing like this “I commit to knowing my true nature. To seeing who I am at my essence; beyond my possessions, my successes, my failures, beyond name and form. May my truth be illuminated.”

Step 2:

Tune in to your breath for 2 minutes. Let the chest grow to be nonetheless, the stomach gentle. Feel the breath within the stomach. Feel the stomach rise and fall. Just discover the rise and fall of the breath. Feel a way of peace and calm. 

Step three:

Once you are feeling extra nonetheless, select a query or immediate under. Take a deep breath as you let the reply come from deep inside after which start to put in writing no matter involves thoughts, simply stream of consciousness. Let it stream—get all of it out on the web page. Enjoy this course of of attending to know your self. 

About Our Expert
Tracee Stanley was initiated by her instructor and ParaYoga founder Yogarupa Rod Stryker into the lineage of Sri Vidya in 2001. She teaches self-empowerment specializing in Yoga Nidra, self-study, Sankalpa, and Bhakti. She is the creatrix of the Empowered Life Activation Kit, which features a set of 72 self-inquiry oracle playing cards and seven guided meditations, and Empowered Wakeup – A 21-day Meditation and Self-Inquiry Journey. Learn extra at

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