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These Dangerous Weight Loss Methods Could Cause a Heart Attack

When it involves weight loss, by now we all know that there are not any shortcuts. Nutritious meals and exercise are important, and fad diets are ineffective for long-term health. But regardless that some weight loss strategies are definitely more healthy and simpler than others, it’s disturbing that a few of them are downright harmful.

In reality, following some controversial weight-loss techniques might find yourself inflicting a coronary heart assault.


Weight loss and coronary heart health

A heart shaped plate with heart-healthy foods and equipment on a white table. Your coronary heart wants a little extra TLC and a spotlight that you simply’d assume. | Udra/iStock/Getty Images

You in all probability know this as true: That correct food regimen, exercise, and healthy weight loss are nice on your coronary heart. And it’s true that heart-healthy foods and cardiovascular exercise are the perfect methods to stop coronary heart illness. It’s when individuals minimize corners that they put themselves in danger.

These 5 weight loss strategies not solely have excessive charges of failure, they put your coronary heart health at critical danger.

Yo-yo weight-reduction plan

Woman pushes back a plate of bread. Diets aren’t simply mentally draining — they’re dangerous in your coronary heart. | Lolostock/iStock/Getty Images

The time period “yo-yo dieting” refers back to the cyclical loss and achieve of weight, resembling the up and down movement of a yo-yo. But because it seems, losing and gaining the same 20 pounds can damage your heart. If you’re already in danger for (or dwelling with coronary heart illness), yo-yo weight-reduction plan can improve your danger of stroke, coronary heart assault, and early dying. Keeping the weight off all of the sudden looks like a neater choice.

Over-the-counter slimming capsules

Pills and multivitamins on a table. Diet dietary supplements might be extraordinarily harmful. | Valentina_G/iStock/Getty Images

Despite previous issues with OTC slimming capsules like Fen-Phen, the weight loss drug business stays extremely worthwhile and extremely unregulated. While short-term weight loss typically does happen with using OTC food regimen dietary supplements, long-term uncomfortable side effects embrace all types of adverse outcomes, including heart valve damage and heart attack risk.

If your long-term health is your aim, you’re higher off skipping the food plan capsule aisle completely.

Prescribed weight-loss tablets

Pills spread out on a blue table. Weight-loss dietary supplements aren’t miracle staff. | BCFC/iStock/Getty Images

Unfortunately, you aren’t out of the woods simply because your physician prescribed you weight loss medicine. People who’re overweight are already at a larger danger for coronary heart illness, so the prescribed drugs will help them get right down to a healthy weight — they usually typically do. But any drug that accelerates your metabolism additionally hastens your coronary heart fee, and in individuals prone to arrhythmia, the stimulants could trigger an episode.

If your physician does prescribe weight-loss medicine, take them precisely as directed and discontinue use should you really feel dizzy or your coronary heart racing.

Compulsive exercising

A group of people do cardio on equipment at a gym. You don’t should spend a whole day on the health club to get a good exercise. | Monkeybusinessimages/iStock/Getty Images

Exercise is likely one of the most heart-healthy issues you are able to do. But typically excessive athletes or dieters push themselves previous their limits. Studies have proven that excessive exercise training and always competing in endurance occasions can put a permanent strain on the heart.

The American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes of average exercise each week for coronary heart health. But for those who haven’t exercised in awhile, work your method as much as that and don’t push your self too arduous.


A woman holds a water bottle and wears a towel around her neck. Don’t slack off in your water consumption throughout weight loss. | Gpointstudio/iStock/Getty Images

Whether you overlook to drink water after your health club session otherwise you’re taking “water weight loss” tablets to look slimmer, it’s straightforward to get dehydrated if you’re weight-reduction plan. But dehydration forces your coronary heart to work more durable and increases your risk of heart attack and stroke.

Drinking loads of water retains each organ, particularly your coronary heart, healthy. It additionally flushes out your system, making you look slim, so drink up.

Don’t rush

A girl sits on a floor looking at a scale. Watch the weight come off slowly and regularly. | Highwaystarz-Photography/iStock/Getty Images

Healthy, long-term weight loss is a course of that may’t be rushed. While ready to see outcomes might be irritating, you’ll have a a lot simpler time sustaining your weight should you shed the additional kilos slowly. Plus, it’s a lot better on your coronary heart.


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