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Viparita Shalabasana is Day 18 for #inversionsmakeyouhot February Yoga Challenge.

Viparita Shalabasana is Day 18 for #inversionsmakeyouhot February Yoga Challenge. This is not a simple posture! It comes within the Ashtanga Yoga Third Series, so you may as well simply publish your greatest model of Shalabhasana which is a prep for this superior backbend inversion. The key to this posture is to make use of your again muscular tissues and your bandhas to carry your physique off the bottom. Don’t grasp down in your decrease again flexibility. Instead interact your legs such as you’re in handstand and attain your toes ahead and up as a lot as attainable. Let the breath be lengthy, fluid and deep to maintain the physique mild. Don’t compress your vocal chords, your throat or your neck. If your again is too tight work on opening your again earlier than you attempt. If all else fails, use the wall. I’ve an excellent video on my YouTube channel titled “Yoga Wall Stretch for Viparita Shalabasana” so examine that out should you really feel this posture is method too exhausting. Tag and comply with me @beachyogagirl @laurasykora @bodyangelactivewear @liforme in all of your posts

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