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Weight loss surgery improves microvascular complications in obese diabetic patients

In a BJS (British Journal of Surgery) evaluation of revealed research in obese patients with sort 2 diabetes, researchers discovered that weight loss surgery helps forestall the event of microvascular complications—which have an effect on small blood vessels—higher than medical remedy. The evaluation was carried out by investigators from the Surgical Department of the University of Heidelberg in cooperation with the Study Center of the German Surgical Society.

Microvascular complications of diabetes embrace , neuropathy, and retinopathy, which have an effect on the kidneys, nerves, and eyes, respectively. These diabetes-related complications are liable for the excessive healthcare prices of sort 2 diabetes and the main causes for dialysis, amputations, and blindness in the Western world.

The danger of creating microvascular diabetic complications was Four-fold decreased in patients with sort 2 diabetes present process surgery in contrast with patients with present guideline-based medical remedy. The evaluation additionally discovered that pre-existing diabetic nephropathy was strongly improved by surgery in contrast with . The probability for enchancment or remission in patients with diabetes-related kidney injury was 15-times larger after surgery in contrast with present medical remedy.

“Medical therapy for type 2 diabetes seems to have reached its limitations, even with the newly available drugs. Metabolic surgery strongly reduces the risk for diabetes-associated complications and seems even to improve existing diabetic kidney damage in 1 out of 2 operated patients,” stated lead writer Dr. Adrian Billeter, of the University of Heidelberg, in Germany. “Such robust and dependable results, particularly on very difficult-to-treat diabetic kidney injury, are usually not even remotely attainable with the present ,” added senior writer Prof. Beat Müller-Stich, additionally of the University of Heidelberg.

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More info:
A. T. Billeter et al, Meta-analysis of metabolic surgery versus medical remedy for microvascular complications in patients with sort 2 diabetes mellitus, British Journal of Surgery (2018). DOI: 10.1002/bjs.10724

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