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Weight Loss Winner: How Samantha Call Lost 125 Lbs. Without Surgery

Samantha Call’s weight loss journey started as the results of a tragic loss.

Call – who stated she was “always the big girl” rising up and reached 265 lbs. by her senior yr of highschool – misplaced her father to coronary heart illness in 2008. Her dad, who had struggled with weight problems, was simply 48-years-old.

“I’ll never forget sitting with my [12-year-old] brother after my dad had passed, when he told me ‘Samantha, I don’t want you to die like daddy did,’ Call, now 33, told PEOPLE.  “That broke my heart but gave me the drive that I needed to start my journey.”

First, the Callis, Maine resident consulted together with her physician. “My blood pressure was through the roof,” says Call. “I had wanted to get gastric bypass [surgery] because I felt like I had failed so many times on diets. I couldn’t stick with it. But, my doctor pushed me to lose the weight for myself and on my own. It lit a fire under me.”

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In early 2009, Call discovered success with Atkins. And after a yr and a half received right down to 132 lbs. Call has maintained her weight loss for about seven years.

“I’ve always been someone who loved bacon and loved eggs, that was easy to me,” Call stated of her new low carb program. “How many diets can you do that you get to eat bacon and eggs every morning?”

She additionally discovered to like lean meats and greens, and now enjoys making her personal healthy meals. “My fiancé is very supportive with what I cook us for dinner,” she says. “He’s always been a physically fit guy so it helps. He’s a huge support.”

While dropping weight, Call progressively added in exercise, and now works out for an hour within the morning earlier than work. “It’s part of my daily routine,” says Call, who switches between fitness DVDs, a Pilates ball and at-home fitness center gear.  She even ran a half-marathon two years in the past, and hopes to do extra sooner or later.

Still on Atkins, she additionally permits herself a cheat day as soon as every week, however doesn’t go overboard. “I have my mind fixated on one thing that I’m going to have,” she says. For instance, as an alternative of the three giant plates of fried, carb-heavy food she used to get a Chinese buffet, Call now has a small plate and perhaps half an egg roll. “It’s all about portion control.”

Another massive change? Her confidence. Call, who was married as soon as earlier than, felt uncomfortable sporting her wedding ceremony gown at her earlier measurement.

“I look at those photos and it was unflattering,” she says. “I’m excited for the fact that I’ll be able to pick out a beautiful dress and feel good about myself because I was very self-conscious about myself the first time around. I’m happy that I’ll look and feel good.”

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