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When Did You Start Having Sex After Giving Birth? (5000+ Moms Have Answered!)

sex after birth how long
We all heard concerning the mothers that simply gave delivery after which went proper again to their standard intercourse life simply as if nothing occurred. Good for you (in case you exist…)!

For the remainder of us, giving start, breastfeeding, and easily being a brand new mother can have an effect on the love life for a shorter or longer time period. But it won’t be one thing we talk about amongst buddies, even when we in all probability would really feel higher by doing so!

What’s it like for you? How lengthy did it take so that you can begin having intercourse after giving delivery? Vote under and study different mothers’ state of affairs.

Wondering what’s occurring together with your libido? Having a low libido is normal while breastfeeding, which you can read about here.

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