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Why Do Babies Hit Themselves? Learn Why, What to Do & When To Worry

why do babies hit themselves

Mom’s Question:
Why do infants hit themselves? My 6-month-old baby woman hits herself… Started hitting chest and now she hits her mouth and head. I want to know why they do that? Should I fear that one thing is mistaken?

Tina (KY.)

Baby Helpline:

Reasons Why Babies Hit Themselves

It does look fairly unusual and typically even scary when infants begin hitting themselves. But it’s a quite common conduct, identical to biting or banging their heads towards the ground. I’ve seen research indicating that at the least some 20% of all infants do that throughout some interval.

There are many causes for this conduct:

  • For older infants frustration and anger are in all probability widespread causes.
  • Self-soothing and pain-relief are different recognized causes for hitting. If your baby persistently hits one aspect of her head, for instance, it’s your decision to exclude an ear an infection. Teething is widespread purpose for biting, which is a associated conduct.
  • For younger infants, even the truth that they CAN hit themselves can typically be the one cause for doing it. They are gaining management of their physique and may truly discover it fascinating or entertaining to slap their tummy for instance.

The conduct can final for a very long time; my youngest began hitting himself and biting his hand when indignant at round eight months and continued till virtually three years previous. He is a textbook instance of regular infants hitting themselves – most infants begin doing this sooner or later between 6 and 12 months previous. The conduct tends to peak at round 18 to 24 months – a interval when many infants are going via speedy psychological improvement and have huge issues coping with their very own frustrations. (It isn’t referred to as the “terrible twos” for nothing.)

While some infants solely hit themselves throughout a few months, others go on for years. Most infants develop out of it at round three years previous if not earlier.

What To Do When Babies Hit Themselves

Something to keep in mind is to not reinforce the conduct. If your baby all the time will get loads of consideration when hitting, she or he might do it much more. So don’t make an enormous fuss about it. Just be sure your baby doesn’t harm herself.

Try to see what’s behind the conduct and concentrate on that. Is your baby in ache, indignant, in want of a cuddle or stimulation and a spotlight? Distraction is one of the simplest ways to cease undesirable conduct till your baby is nicely over 2 years previous and has began to perceive the spoken language rather well.

Finally, you ought to be conscious that head banging and different methods of hitting themselves can in uncommon instances be an indication of developmental points. But in such case, there can be different indicators as properly, as for instance falling behind a number of milestones or dropping talents he used to have. Extremely frequent head-banging, like all through the day and continued even when it clearly hurts can be indicators of concern. You can read about warning signs of autism here.

If you’re involved, in fact, talk about the matter together with your baby’s pediatrician.

More About Babies Hitting Themselves

And lastly, an awesome reference e-book for infants’ and younger youngsters’s health points, take a look at Caring for Your Baby and Young Child, Birth to Age 5 by the American Academy Of Pediatrics.

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