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Why This Social Media Influencer is the Internet’s BFF

The Cincinnati Zoo

If you’ve got been dwelling underneath a rock for the previous few months, you might not have heard about the Cincinnati zoo’s latest social media icon, Fiona the hippo. If this is the case, you’ve got acquired some catching as much as do. Brief overview: Fiona was born in the Cincinnati Zoo at simply 29 kilos (which is significantly untimely for a baby hippo). As updates have been posted by the zoo on social media, Fiona’s prognosis wasn’t good, however she shortly beat the odds to the pleasure and admiration of her newly-found fan base.

Since then, Fiona has gained over the hearts of America together with her sassy angle, zest for all times and straight-up cuteness. In case you are still not satisfied, listed here are 16 the reason why Fiona the hippo is everyone’s BFF:

1. She was the underdog we have been all rooting for

The odds have been stacked towards younger Fiona. Although it might sound like so much on human phrases, Fiona was born at solely 29 kilos. The common baby hippo is sometimes anywhere from 55 to a whopping 120 pounds at birth. Entering the world an unhealthy, untimely baby hippo — Fiona shortly caught up and regained her health and vitality. Watching Fiona rework from frail baby to an unbiased social media mogul was really inspiring. Who doesn’t love a basic underdog story?

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