10+ Basic Yoga Poses That'll Change Your Body in 29 Days

If you’re looking to burn calories, improve flexibility, and build lean muscle, yoga could be exactly what you need. You can definitely lose some pounds and torch away stubborn belly fat. A yoga sesh may not be the most intense workout, but its main purpose is to keep all the muscles fit and toned.

It also has different difficulty levels – from beginner to advanced. If you’re just starting out, don’t even attempt the advanced poses! Yoga is logical and progressive. You start from the easier poses and gradually work your way toward the difficult ones. Funny enough, one of the most challenging poses is called Savasana. It might look like someone just lying on the ground doing nothing, but don’t be fooled! But that’s a lot harder than it sounds! Once you get it, this pose trains your body to release stress.


Mountain Pose 0:01
Tree Pose 0:26
Tabletop Position 0:55
Cat and Cow Positions 1:10
Child’s Pose 1:42
Downward-Facing Dog 2:21
Half Pigeon Pose 2:55
Upward-Facing Dog 3:24
Forward Fold 3:55
Seated Fold 4:27
Bridge Pose 4:56
Cobra Pose 5:27
Half-Lotus Pose 5:56
Sun Salutations 6:24

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