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10 Best Baby Tracking Apps

The best baby tracking apps do the hard work of remembering so you don’t have to

When you’re a sleep-deprived new parent, how are you supposed to remember when you last fed your baby, how long they slept, or even when they were immunized and for what? Especially during those first few months when leaving the house freshly showered and in spit-up free clothing is considered a near miracle. Here’s the good news. You don’t have to. Some of the best baby tracking apps out there help exhausted parents keep track of every milestone, feeding, diaper change, nap, and so much more.

1. Baby+


With Baby+ parents can track their child’s height, weight, and head circumference through interactive graphs, and log information on feedings, diaper changes, sleep, and new teeth to get a better understanding of baby’s routine. You can also keep track of baby’s milestones and upload photos, as well as help baby relax and night or during feeding time with lullabies and white noise.

Available for iOS devices and on Google Play.

2. Sprout Baby

You can use the Sprout Baby app to record your child’s health history (illnesses, symptoms, temperature, medications), as well as to keep track of feedings, bottles, pumping sessions, and diapers. The app features a handy printable report with your child’s health data that you can bring to doctor’s visits. There’s also a memories section for recording milestones and other special moments, which you can then export to an eBook.

Available for iOS devices.

3. Talli

This baby tracking app is a little bit different. It pairs with a stylish device that comes ready to track baby’s sleep, bottle feedings, diapers, pumping, and more right out of the box. And it’s customizable too, so you can determine which of baby’s many activities you track. The companion app is fully integrated to let parents track all sort of data, see trends, invite family member and caregivers to contribute, and view past events. It’s also Alexa enabled, for those moments you don’t have your hands free.

Available for iOS and Android devices.

4. Child Medical History

A central spot to store your child’s medical history is an incredibly valuable tool for parents. With the Child Medical History app, you can keep track of blood type, vaccination schedule and allergies, as well as diagnostic test results, medications and growth data. It also stores phone numbers to your child’s doctors and other health-related numbers, like poison control.

Available for iOS devices.

5. BabySparks

This development tracker informs you when children typically learn specific skills, compiled from sources including the American Academy of Pediatrics and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. BabySparks also provides activities you can do with your child to support this development. The activities are organized by the area of development: gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, speech, sensory, self-care, and social-emotional, so you can focus on a specific area if you prefer. The app also offers a paid subscription option so parents can access parenting classes.

Available for iOS devices and on Google Play.

6. BabyTime

All caregivers can track and record baby’s activities in the BabyTime app. And since it’s designed for one-handed operation, you can save all that valuable information while holding baby—a big plus. Track breastfeeding, bottles, sleep, and diapers, and use the slick charts to oversee baby’s day or identify trends. There’s also a night mode with a low-contrast background that’s easier on your eyes.

Available for iOS devices.

7. Baby Connect

Baby Connect records diaper changes, naps, moods, feedings, medicines, photos, activities, and displays it in graphs and charts to help you identify trends. Multiple users can access your kid’s info so your babysitter, Grandma ,and other caregivers can see what baby has been up to and keep you updated, too. And the voice integrations means you can record important information, even when your hands are full.

Available for iOS devices and Android.

8. Baby Log

Love knowing when every little thing happened and when it might happen again? Baby Log makes charts of your baby’s day, including sleep, feedings and diaper changes. You may even discover your newborn’s natural daily routines and nap schedule by comparing a week’s worth of days side by side. You can also track and record memories, growth, milestones and more.

Available for iOS devices.

9. Baby Feed Timer

Nursing moms love the Baby Feed Timer app because you can record which side you fed your infant with last. Bottle-feeding parents love that you can keep track of just how much formula baby took each time. This baby tracking app will also tell you when it’s time for the next feeding. Plus, it tracks diapers, pumping, medication administration, sleep, and solid feedings, making it useful past the first year.

Available for iOS devices.

10. Glow Baby

This baby tracking app for the first year tracks developmental milestones, feedings, diapers, sleep, baby’s ailments, medications, and more. Use Glow Baby‘s timers to manage feeding and sleep schedules, and then head to the in-app community to chat with other parents and share strategies and successes.

Available for iOS devices and on Google Play.

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