10 MIN YOGA FOR TOTAL BEGINNERS | Flexibility Challenge | Daniela Suarez

This is a quick 10-minute yoga routine for total beginners! It is also part of my new flexibility challenge!

This video has a few beginner stretching poses that are amazing if you want to stretch after your workout or just stretch out your entire body at any time of the day!

Join me in my flexibility challenge and do these stretches for complete beginners with me!

This video is part of our NEW FLEXIBILITY CHALLENGE and you can find all my FREE challenges here:

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Use the #danielasuarezchallenge if you’re joining us on the FLEXIBILITY CHALLENGE!!

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DISCLAIMER: note that you should always consult your health physician before you perform any form of exercise, including this video. Furthermore, the title of this video is subjective and results vary depending on your body type and nutrition practices. I strongly suggest to make sure you check your form for each exercise with a certified trainer and you follow a meal plan to get to your weight loss goals. Perform this workout in a safe space. If you really want to challenge yourself and see results in 2 weeks make sure you are consistent and perform this workout 4-5 times per week over the next 2 weeks! Please remember that abs are also build in the kitchen and that you should be on a healthy balanced diet for ultimate results! You might build your abs but if there’s always a layer of fat from unhealthy habits, you might not see them!

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