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10 minute kettlebell workout to gain strength

        Kettlebell workouts tick all the boxes, providing strength, skill, stamina, mobility and coordination, while using a single piece of fitness equipment. Plus, there’s quite a bit of mental strength involved in swinging a kettlebell up and down. Trainer Dylan Richards brings you this short routine that hits every muscle in less than 10 minutes.

        “The best thing about a kettlebell workout is how many different muscles you hit in a short space of time,” says Richards, “You’ll also be working on your coordination skills.”

        The workout contains some advanced skills with weights, so Richards recommends “trying each part of the workout separately first, so you’ll have more confidence putting them together.” So if you’re not already familiar with cleans, swings, and snatches, try them individually first, using the explanations below, before setting the 10-minute timer. “Finally, don’t forget to bring proper breathing.” (The ancient technique to learn to breathe much better).

        The 10 minute kettlebell workout

        Set the timer for 40 seconds, 20 seconds off for 10 minutes. Complete a 40-second routine on one side, 20-second rest, followed by 40 seconds on the other side, rest for another 20 seconds, and then keep repeating until you’ve done five rounds on each side.

        1- Front squat with one arm kettlebell x 2

        2- Push press with kettlebell x 2

        press push with kettlebell

        3- Snatch with kettlebell x 2

        kettlebell snatch

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