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100 new locations in 2023 and Spain as a target market

Orangetheory Fitness seeks to strengthen its position in the world and indicates Spain as one of its target markets. The North American chain of boutique centers specialized in high intensity training has announced an aggressive expansion plan for 2023, year in which they expect to grow on a global scale.

The company, which currently has 1,500 franchised studios throughout the US and 23 other countries, would have another 300 new centers in the pipeline to open soon, as anticipated by Dave Long, co-founder and CEO of Orangetheory Fitness. Speaking to HCMhas ensured that they hope to expand into a hundred more locations around the world. Among the countries identified as priorities in its expansion plans are, in addition to Spain, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, India, Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

Orangetheory Fitness currently manages eight gyms in Spain: four in the Community of Madrid, three in Catalonia and one in Murcia. In 2022, the company sold franchises in Spain, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, China, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, and Poland, in addition to the first one in France. The chain appointed Jason Dunlop as global expansion supervisor in August 2022.

In 2017, the company announced that it had signed an agreement with a master franchisee to expand across the south of England with 70 studios within three years, including 30 centers in London. These plans, however, were delayed by the pandemic.

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