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12 benefits of dancing for women

    If you find it difficult to exercise but you listen to music and your feet go away, your thing is dance classes. In a dance school or in the gym, you have lots of options to get in shape and disconnect from your day to day dancing. As Silvia Marín, fitness instructor and dance expert at putxet sportfor Urban Sports Club, in gyms the most successful classes are Sh’Bam, Body Jam, Ballet Fitness and Zumba. “At our center we bet on our own programs, such as: Latin Rhythms and Ballet Fitness, which we created from scratch in terms of structure within dance movements and with adaptations focused on fitness,” he says.

    Do you want to know a little more about these dance classes? Silvia Marín tells us what they consist of and then tells us about the many benefits of dancing.

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    From the well-known brand Les Milles, these classes are like one big dance party. This dance and fitness program brings together, in just 45′ class, all styles: jazz, urban dance, contemporary, Latin… The appeal of this program is that it is very affordable for everyone and you have the freedom to adapt the movements to your own style without losing the essence of Sh’Bam. Another of its positive parts is the duration of the program, which is usually about three monthss, which allows you to assimilate the choreography of each track and its style well.

    Body Jam

    Also from Les Milles, these classes they make you feel like you are in a big dance company and as if you were a great dance professional. In these types of sessions, a lot of work is done within the hip-hop style and the dance commercial, they are a little more complex in terms of structure within the dance and the different musical rhythms. But Since we worked on the same routine for three months, we have time to achieve and perfect the choreography, which is structured in two work blocks. This is what makes clients gain security and confidence to dance the choreography naturally, almost without thinking.

    Latin rhythms

    In the Latin Rhythms we seek to work different styles within Latin dances, from salsa, cumbia, kizomba, bachata and African dance. And it is that the root of Latin rhythms is African dance, which helps us understand the origin of all movements and how to work them correctly to move more freely. It is a class where we have a great time and many of our clients help them to disconnect, to focus 100% on that moment and to enjoy the experience of Latin Rhythms.

    ballet fitness

    It is more focused on working on a posture and alignment of our body from the base of classical ballet. It starts with some very basic guidelines and little by little it evolves in the different combinations within the choreographyto. In this activity we look for work focused on strength, toning, coordination and elegance, with the aim of strengthening our entire body, from the internal to the external musculature, and feeling like dancers. It doesn’t matter if you have notions of dance or notthe teacher will always offer you the best options or adaptations to meet your goals.

    12 benefits of dancing

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    Have you never entered a dance class?

    “My advice is not to be afraid or ashamed,” says Silvia Marín. “I remember that my dance teacher always said that we are all capable of dancing and that helped us a lot and gave us confidence”, he tells us.

    As this expert emphasizes, the most important thing is to let yourself go and enjoy what you are learning. “There is always a first time in our lives and it is never too late to start or try something new. Dancing is one of the best therapies for our body, mind and soul.“, says.

    12 benefits of dancing for women

    The Putxet Sport coach and former professional dancer (Silvia was a dancer at the Teatro Apolo and El Molino, and a dancer for Robbie Williams at the 2002 MTV Awards in Barcelona) tells us all the benefits of dance classes:

    1. A better posture. To dance you need your body to be in tune and very active and this helps to sculpt and stylize your body. Do you know how to improve your posture at work?
    2. Improved coordination and movement. Because our entire body is used together.
    3. Weightloss. For the cardiovascular and aerobic work that is done.
    4. Self-confidence, self-esteem and security in yourself. To see how you manage to do all the movements within the classes and without any kind of complex.
    5. Improve memory. Due to the fact of having to retain all the sequences together within each dance or choreography.
    6. Stronger muscles and bones. Since to dance you have to involve your whole body and that brings great benefits to the muscles and our bones. Do you know what is the best exercise after 45?
    7. Less stress. Because when dancing stress is released, your mind and body are transformed into positive energy and all kinds of worries disappear.
    8. More energy. Since dance or dance is energy in its purest state and that gives us greater mental and physical energy.
    9. Improve our mood. Because it makes us feel good and it’s fun, which makes our level of endorphins, serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin rise, and these are the hormones in charge of our happiness. Do you know how to eat to balance your hormones?
    10. Better balance. Not only physically but also mentally due to the type of movements that are performed: bipodal, unipodal, turns, jumps, direction changes and agility movements.
    11. musicality. We improve and educate our rhythm. This is one of the most important parts of the dance, since the musical rhythm has to be developed and internalized.
    12. It’s therapeutic. This is the best of all benefits for me and the most commented on by clients. It is the best therapy, because you have fun, you lose your inhibitions, you share and you experience a great feeling of satisfaction when dancing.

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