13 Reasons Why You’re Always Hungry And Solutions

Feeling hungry is an efficient and pure a part of being human. Feeling hungry at common intervals all through the day is an indication of a working metabolism. But feeling hungry on a regular basis, even after a meal, exhibits one thing amiss in your dietary consumption or psychosocial wellbeing. And it may be tremendous annoying! Here we analyze the signs, causes, and options for fixed starvation. 

Disclaimer: Hunger Is Good

In a world that rewards thinness, “healthy eating,” and train, it’s simple to imagine that consuming greater than three Instagram-worthy meals and the occasional snack by some means equates to overeating or binge consuming. Influencers flood social media with “what I eat in a day” posts, selling unfair meals and consumption comparisons.  Media tells us about “good food” versus “bad food,” creating a way of morality out of meals decisions. 

Your physique wants meals, meals has diet, and what another person eats shouldn’t dictate what you eat. Period.

Smarter Than Social

We must be smarter than social media about starvation. We must discover ways to hearken to our personal our bodies’ cues and make educated, fulfilling decisions on the subject of meals.

Myth-Busting Popular Food Beliefs

Before we dive into serving to you cope with your being hungry after consuming, we have to myth-bust just a few fears round meals:

  • Binge-eating entails consuming loads of meals in a short while till you’re previous comfy fullness. Consuming greater than you suppose is bodily required, sometimes consuming previous satiety, and consuming greater than common are NOT binge consuming.
  • Incidental overeating is regular, like on particular events. Sometimes we have to eat once we’re not hungry for sensible causes, like as a result of we gained’t have one other likelihood to eat for a very long time.
  • Eating greater than the typical serving measurement of a meals just isn’t fallacious or shameful, particularly for those who really feel that you just want it.
  • There’s no such factor nearly as good or dangerous meals. All meals has a selected dietary composition and should assist us attain satisfaction and well-being.
  • Eating just isn’t an ethical query; it’s a bodily requirement.
  • Willpower round meals consumption is a fallacy. You will not be “stronger” if we eat with extra rigidity. You may be ignoring starvation cues.
  • Everyone has a unique genetic code, health degree, physique kind, perceptions, and needs. There’s no scientific cause why you must eat the identical quantity or manner another person eats.
  • Our our bodies and minds change hourly, each day, month-to-month, and yearly. Our consuming also needs to change often. Flexible eaters are trustworthy eaters.

Great, now that we’ve empowered you to like your starvation, let’s dive into what starvation really is.

What Is Hunger? Neurobiology 101

Ghrelin known as the “hunger hormone.” It alerts that the physique requires diet.(1) Nutrition is the qualities in meals that assist people perform. Nutrition comes within the type of three macronutrients and varied micronutrients. When the physique receives sufficient vitamins, it releases leptin, the “fullness hormone.” Both ghrelin and leptin exist throughout the physique throughout meals and non-eating instances. People who often eat sufficient diet could have pure fluctuations in ghrelin and leptin; they’ll really feel naturally full and hungry. 

Hunger Symptoms: NeuroBiological Hunger vs. Social Hunger vs. Mouth Hunger

Hunger isn’t so simple as it was once (like once we crawled on all fours and hunted animals with sticks). There are a number of advanced methods to really feel hungry. All would possibly contribute to your feeling continually hungry.

  • Neurobiological: the bodily and psychological cues that we generally acknowledge as “feeling hungry. For instance, a growling stomach, an empty feeling in the stomach, headaches, brain fogginess, jitters, and fatigue. 
  • Social: the nurtured association of specific activities or times of day for which eating is inherent. For instance, the habit of eating every day at 7 PM, eating popcorn at the movies, or eating apple pie in Autumn.
  • Mouth: the desire to nibble, chew, or taste. This sensation can translate into food cravings, like potato chips for the crunch or ice cream for the cold. It can also translate into the desire to chew or chomp. The desire to move your mouth in an eating-like pattern is natural to humanity. Most cultures espouse a popular “chew,” from sugar cane to commercialized gum to betel leaves.

Learning to hearken to what type of starvation you’re experiencing is step one to creating educated selections about meals. It’s okay to eat if you’re not hungry for social or bodily causes, however you want to pay attention to why you’re doing it and permit your self to decide on a unique exercise.

13 Causes Of Constant Hunger And Their Solutions

Now you perceive what starvation is and the way it feels. Still hungry? Here are 13 causes you could be hungry on a regular basis and methods to ease that vacant feeling inside.

1. You Also Need Water

Cause: The hypothalamus (a part of the diencephalon and an important management heart of the autonomic nervous system) regulates each starvation and thirst.  Many folks suppose that we are able to mistake thirst for starvation as a result of each are managed by the hypothalmus.  This perception is unproven. One research confirmed little proof for such uncertainty in animals and no research conclude that such a phenomenon exists in people.(2) In truth, being thirsty could make folks need sure meals much less (like dry meals). 

But being thirsty will have an effect on cognitive and bodily efficiency, main you to crave diet as compensation for fatigue.

Solution: Drink sufficient water through the day. Drinking a glass of water earlier than a meal or ingesting water when making an attempt to not snack will most likely make you hungrier. Don’t give your self an opportunity to doubt or confuse your starvation cues; keep hydrated.

Eat snacks and meals with excessive water content material, like fruits and veggies blended with proteins and grains. For occasion, this mango coconut chia seed pudding is scrumptious and hydrating.

2. Social Media Is Tantalizing You

Cause: From Instagram to Kitchen Confidential, our society is obsessive about meals: its creation, ingestion, and imaging. Which is enjoyable till you’re crammed with the need to slam luxurious brownies or grilled baby-back ribs each time your telephone opens. “Food porn” is an actual factor and distinctive to youthful generations. Studies present that the mere sight of meals may cause you to crave it.(3, 4)

Moreover, most of us scroll on social media once we’re already bored, drained, or in search of a dissociative distraction. What else serves these emotional wants? Eating! Images of meals on social media or tv beckon us once we’re predisposed to searching for emotional reduction.

Solution: Start by avoiding social media if you’re already emotionally compromised. If you see meals photographs, enable your self to take pleasure in them for the comedy or artistry, however acknowledge that any psychological starvation you would possibly expertise may be chemical (versus organic). And for those who do determine to snack, achieve this mindfully and with out guilt. Reflect on whether or not or not it satiated your want.  Store this information as a reference for future cases the place you could be tempted by “food porn.”

More Than Casual

The informal enjoyment of lovely meals photographs is pure to people. But the shortcoming to look away and searching for such photographs very regularly is usually a signal of meals obsession. A preoccupation with excited about meals is usually a signal of undernourishment, undereating, or an consuming dysfunction.

3. You’re Eating Irregularly

Cause: It’s pure to range your each day caloric consumption. The outdated perception in getting a certain quantity of energy or macros every single day is being changed by weekly- and monthly- consumption objectives (particularly for girls). However, irregular consuming habits can alter the abdomen’s sensitivity to meals. If we eat a number of huge meals in a row, our abdomen could turn into attuned to a unique feeling of fullness. On the opposite hand, if we solely eat small meals, our intestine would possibly inform us it’s full earlier than we’ve got gotten sufficient diet.

Solution: Before making a inflexible meal plan, attempt intuitive eating. We be taught to hearken to our physique’s pure starvation and fullness cues once we follow intuitive consuming. Intuitive eaters are much less prone to overeat or undereat. 

If you might have an enormous meal at some point, attempt to not limit energy the subsequent day. That will solely trigger extra confusion alongside the digestive tract. You could also be much less hungry, which is affordable, however don’t skip meals making an attempt to “make up for” the day earlier than. 

When you’re uncertain of your common consumption, you would possibly think about using a meals journal or app to trace your consumption throughout a day, week, and month. Tracking your consumption helps with self-awareness however mustn’t encourage restrictive or controlling meals behaviors. Pay consideration as to if you’re getting sufficient meals all through the day, sufficient macro- and micro-nutrients, and if you’re most probably to snack. These function information factors for future meals decisions. 

3 + 1 or 2

Three fundamental meals and presumably one or two snacks a day is one of the best ways to maintain your starvation in test.

4. You Are Sleeping Too Little

Sleep deprivation influences starvation and consumption. Too little sleep can lead to reduced levels of the hormone leptin, which is answerable for suppressing starvation. At the identical time, insufficient sleep results in elevated ghrelin, the opposite “hunger hormone,” which stimulates your urge for food. Lack of sleep is usually related to weight achieve: individuals who sleep poorly additionally expertise problem monitoring consumption and controlling urge for food impulses.(5) This particularly impacts folks throughout high-stress durations; little sleep and excessive stress are predictive of binge-like consuming patterns.(6) Doctors advocate getting seven to eight hours of sleep per evening. Here is a sleep calculator that may show you how to perceive your sleep patterns.

5. You Are In Your Luteal Phase

Cause: Unlike males, ladies’s our bodies function on a 28-day cycle. As such, males profit from consuming the same quantity of meals every single day. On the opposite hand, ladies ought to eat kind of meals relying on their stream.

The Luteal part happens round every week earlier than menstruation. Women’s our bodies are engaged on overdrive, so that they have a higher basal metabolic rate and want extra meals to remain energized.(7)

Solution: Know your cycle and gas it! Get loads of nutrient-dense meals throughout this part (here are some ingredient ideas). Satisfying your yearning for one thing much less nutritious additionally helps hold you from returning to the pantry. If you’re craving chocolate, eat it! Your physique is aware of what’s finest.

6. You’re Trying To Eat “Healthy” or “Clean”

Cause: There isn’t any such factor as “healthy” or “clean” meals. Some meals are extra processed than others, however they’re not at all times more healthy. For occasion, unprocessed grains can include an anti-nutrient that prohibits the digestion of some nutritional vitamins. And what’s “clean” meals, anyway? For instance, most clear foodists add protein powder to their “clean” substances listing. But protein powder is extremely processed, typically with chemical substances in labs. 

“Clean” or “healthy” meals just isn’t at all times satiating. Behavior analysts rank widespread meals on a satiety index– each “clean” and “unhealthy” meals rank. Most folks even have their very own inner satiety index. For occasion, do you want candy potatoes greater than white potatoes? Then candy potatoes are most likely extra satiating to you! Studies present that when folks eat the meals actually satisfying to them, they often eat much less.(8)

Solution: Honor your starvation! If you’re making an attempt to not eat “unhealthy” cereal with milk, you would possibly eat an apple… and a granola bar… and carrots with hummus… after which one other apple. If you had simply eaten the bowl of cereal within the first place, you’d probably have consumed fewer energy. And, you wouldn’t really feel hungry on a regular basis. Eating what you need is NOT “giving in to your cravings.” It’s what’s appropriate on your physique and your thoughts.

7. You’re Taking Medication

Cause: Certain drugs, like anti-depressants, can stimulate urge for food and starvation. Always seek the advice of together with your physician or psychiatrist in regards to the unintended effects of pharmaceutical medication and coping methods.

Solution: Eat extra protein and extra high-nutrient, low-density meals (like fruit and veggies). So many research present that increased quantities of protein result in a extra favorable body fat percentage. Snacking on fruit and veggies all through the day might help fulfill the unnatural consuming urge. And train will assist your physique metabolize extra energy into purposeful muscle tissue. 

You’re taking the treatment for a cause, so it’s okay in case your weight-reduction plan wants to alter to accommodate. Keep your eyes on the prize (total well being) and tweak your way of life. You’re on the suitable path!

8. You Aren’t Eating Enough Protein

Cause: While most individuals eat protein throughout lunches and dinners, they hardly ever add it to their snacks and breakfasts. Studies present that elevated protein consumption results in elevated satiety and a discount in total energy.(9, 10)Scientists at the moment examine the protein leverage principle, which states that our physique doesn’t cue leptin till we eat sufficient protein.(11)If this principle is right, you would possibly solely really feel happy after getting sufficient protein!

Solution: First, decide how much protein to carb/ fats ratio you probably want. The normal guidelines of thumb for macronutrients is 30% protein, 30% fats, and 40% carbohydrates. Try to get 20-30 grams of protein per meal and 15 grams for snacks. 

Reference Point

The common grilled hen breast comprises 20-30 grams of protein.

However, for those who’re continually hungry, train lots, are trying to build muscle mass, or are underweight, you may make 40% of your each day consumption protein. Second, get inventive together with your meals. Adding vegan and vegetarian protein alongside animal-based sources is a straightforward manner so as to add protein to snacks and meals.

9. You Aren’t Eating Enough Fiber

Cause: Fiber is likely one of the most satiating components of meals. Fiber impacts gastrointestinal and metabolic well being.(12) Fiber (and protein) require effort to digest, which means that you just burn some energy whereas digesting them. Because fiber-rich meals last more within the intestine, you’ll really feel fuller for longer, too.(13) New analysis additionally analyzes the position of naturally-occurring wholesome micro organism in complete grains. It appears {that a} wholesome intestine biome contributes to a wholesome mind.(14) Since overeating hyperlinks to emotional instability, fiber may be a double-whammy towards fixed starvation!

Solution: Replace a few of your common grains with extra fiber-filled choices. Here are some nice substitutions:

  • Buckwheat, bulgur wheat, or quinoa for white rice
  • Nutty or oat bread for conventional bread
  • A facet of beans as an alternative of a bread roll
  • Add fruits and nuts to your common oats
  • Sprinkle seeds (sesame, flax, chia) on every thing
  • Eat your vegetables with the peels on (i.e., cucumber, zucchini, and many others.)

For extra data and recipes on dietary fiber, check out our other blog post.

10. You Cut Out Food Groups

Cause: Studies have proven that individuals who lower out complete meals teams, like bread or merchandise with gluten, are much less prone to keep wholesome consuming patterns.(15) When folks view meals as “bad” or “good,” they have an inclination to lose management of their meals selections. Dichotomous beliefs about meals and consuming are linked to inflexible dietary restraint, which impedes an individual’s capability to take care of a long-term weight and meals consumption.(16)

Solution: Take a while to look at your guidelines round meals and consuming. Do you imagine that you must keep away from sure meals, even when your physique and thoughts need them? How does that avoidance have an effect on your lack of ability to say “no” to different snacks or “stop” if you eat them? If you sense that you’re proscribing meals or teams, attempt integrating them into your weight-reduction plan. You could discover that you just eat much less of every thing if you eat what your coronary heart, intestine, and thoughts want.

11. You’re Eating Emotionally

Cause: “Comfort food” isn’t only a saying; people are hard-wired to want tasty, filling meals. But it’s not at all times simple to separate emotional cues to eat from bodily ones, particularly in instances of stress, boredom, or fatigue. It could be simpler to eat our issues than to look at them. And loads of these emotional drives happen subconsciously. 

Therapists acknowledge that people have major and secondary feelings. Primary feelings are anger, concern, disappointment, disgust, shock, anticipation, belief and pleasure. They are how we really feel about an exterior incident. Secondary feelings are emotions about emotions. Secondary feelings might help us address the first emotion by distracting, appearing, or altering our outlook.

For instance, you could be unhappy about shedding a liked one. Instead of sitting with that feeling, you employ consuming or starvation as a technique to cope. You desire to really feel the meals than really feel the preliminary emotion, and the act of consuming offers us a way of management and motion. 

Solution: Analyze your starvation cues to find out if they’re neurobiological, social, or mouth cues. If you don’t have bodily sensations of starvation, aren’t with pals in an consuming state of affairs, and chewing on a toothpick doesn’t fulfill you, your urge for food could also be emotionally pushed. If so, sit with the sensation earlier than going to the fridge. You may use a journal to put in writing down your ideas. Ask your self extra questions: How do I really feel proper now? Where is that feeling coming from? Will consuming assist it? What else would possibly assist, too?

Consider studying new methods of dealing with emotion. The coping methods will most likely relate on to your unique feeling. If the emotion is concern, you would possibly wrap up in a blanket and watch a feel-good film. If it’s anger, you would possibly want an intense HIIT session. If it’s pleasure, you can name your Grandma to share the excellent news. A casual walk with a pal might help with disappointment. Only you understand how to assuage your self. It may be consuming, or it may be one thing else. Give your self some house to discover!

12. Mindless Eating

Cause: A conscious eater focuses and engages with the act of tasting, chewing, and ingesting meals. Mindless consuming is the other: consuming in a distracted or quick method. Most folks’s our bodies take about 20 minutes to acknowledge glucose in meals. When glucose is acknowledged, leptin is launched and also you’ll begin feeling full. Watching tv, consuming whereas driving, or doing different issues whereas consuming could distract you from the bodily sensations of satiation and fullness. 

Solution: Be current in your meals! This primary advice is to eat with out distractions. However, most of us take pleasure in some leisure with our meals, like chatting with our associate or catching up on the day’s information. Here are some extra methods to eat mindfully, even when mixed with different actions:

  • Set the utensils down now and again to offer your stomach time to digest
  • Comment or acknowledge the way in which the meals tastes, smells and is textured
  • Silence the commercials or pause between movies to test in together with your fullness
  • Limit your self to a certain quantity of distraction— as an example, spend solely 10 minutes on social, watch only one YouTube video, or restrict studying to the headlines

13. You May Be Suffering From Extreme Hunger

Cause: Months and years of insufficient diet can result in a scientific prognosis of maximum starvation. It most frequently happens after weight-reduction plan or underfeeding however will also be brought on by long-term malnutrition (like poorly-executed vegetarianism). When it’s underfed, the physique produces extra ghrelin. As this want continues to be denied or unfulfilled, much less leptin is launched.(17)

Eventually, the physique will bear metabolic adaptation. To preserve power, it should cease producing ghrelin and cease sending energy-intensive starvation cues, like a grumbling abdomen. The physique will get higher at working with fewer energy, however that is on the expense of vitality. It will leech power from mind cells and muscle tissue. The notorious Minnesota semi-starvation research exhibits that undernourished folks turn into obsessive about meals, much less coherent, and bodily incapable.(18)

Unfortunately, metabolic adaptation takes time to reverse. Initially, when sufficient energy are consumed once more, the physique will retailer every thing as fats as a result of it believes it’s in hunger. It will maintain onto no matter it may well get.(19)

Solution: If you watched that you could be be affected by excessive starvation, it’s important to see a registered dietician for help in metabolic restoration. It’s very important to hearken to any consuming cues that your physique sends. At first, you’ll eat regularly and in contrast to you had previously. Eventually, the physique will discover its new set level weight, cease storing meals, recuperate its starvation cues, and recompose fats to muscle.


Being hungry on a regular basis just isn’t an indication that your physique is damaged or confused. It’s an indication that your thoughts or physique is unhappy and asking for extra. It could possibly be that you just’re not getting sufficient meals or vitamins. It is also that you just’re not getting sufficient sleep, relaxation, or emotional launch. When you deny your urge to eat, you deny one thing in you calling for consideration. The name will get increasingly intense till it’s happy. And whether it is by no means satiated, your physique will down-regulate starvation, hormones, and metabolism.

Being continually hungry and snacking just isn’t the identical as over-eating and binging. Don’t concern a “slippery slope” for those who’re hungry after consuming and need to eat once more. You would possibly simply must eat or replicate in your feelings. Rigid pondering typically results in extra compulsive meals behaviors.

Try altering your weight-reduction plan to get extra common and complete diet all through the day in your meals and snacks. Find balanced parts with protein, fiber, and fat. Take care of your psychological well being as you do your meals consumption. Be curious, forgiving, and observant of your impulses. Listen to your self, not weight-reduction plan tradition!


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