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2 exercises to eliminate the lower abdomen FAST

delete the lower abdomen quickly yes it is possible with just this couple of exercises that will become part of your daily routine for the incredible results that you will notice from the first time you do them. This accumulation of fat sometimes causes insecurities in people, who seek alternatives to tone that part of their body. belly.

Keep in mind that consistency is more than important so that you can have the body you want, so the more often you do this routine, the flatter your lower abdomen will be. Ready to wear skinny clothes without worrying about anything other than looking fabulous?

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A preheating It is essential for your body to warm up and you can move without causing injury. With 5 or 10 minutes it is enough for your muscles to start moving and it will be more easy do the routine

Exercise 1

Lie down on the floor, preferably on a yoga mat either exercise so you don’t get hurt. Bring your left leg up so that your knee is at a 90 degree position to your leg and touch it with your hands. You right leg keep it on the air Intercalate the movements for 3 series of 15 repetitions. Rest 30 seconds between each set.

Exercise for lower abdomen | YouTube / gymvirtual

Exercise 2

The second exercise It is very simple. You only have to place your plant foot on the ground to exert force and the other leg to raise it forming a line straight. Do the same on each side for 3 sets. These pair of exercises are the best for a flat lower stomach.

Exercise for lower abdomen | YouTube / gymvirtual

How to achieve a flat underbelly in a few days?

So far there is no magic recipe that will give you a flat underbelly in record time. So for the results to be more noticeable, we suggest you prepare some green juice in the style of Michelle Salaseat healthy, drink water and exercise.

Exercises for flat low abdomen | Pexels

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