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21 Plants Safe for Cats

Houseplants make your home feel cozy in an instant. But as a pet parent, you may not realize some

plants are toxic to pets, especially cats. “Cats are naturally curious in order to survive,” says Susan Sikule, DVM, owner of Just Cats Veterinary Clinic in Guilderland, New York. “In the wild, they need to explore to hunt and find good hiding places. In your house, your cat wants to explore your plants, too.” Fortunately, there are many cat safe plants you can bring home without worrying about your fur baby’s safety.

You also can try to keep plants out of your cat’s reach on a high shelf or in hanging baskets, though that’s not always foolproof. “Cats being cats, they will somehow figure out how to get to them or injure themselves trying,” says Dr. Sikule. For cats who like to dig in pots, place landscaping stones on top of the soil to make it less appealing.

No matter how careful you are, one plant you should never have in your house is lily, even in bouquets. “Lilies by far are the most deadly plant for cats, and even a small amount can cause irreversible kidney failure,” says Dr. Sikule. Even a few grains of pollen or drinking water from a vase that contains lilies can be fatal for your cat.

If you suspect your pet has nibbled on a toxic plant — even if you’re not entirely sure — call your vet ASAP. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Also, remember that any plant can cause GI distress or vomiting if ingested in large enough quantities, so keep your curious kitty away from your houseplants!

Ahead, the best options for cat-safe plants:

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