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3 out of 4 Spaniards train when traveling

Taking care of their health and physical condition is of enormous importance to Spanish travelers when they go on vacation: three quarters (74%) train actively when they are away.

New research from the Marriott Bonvoy loyalty program has concluded that Spanish travelers get the fitness bug when they go on vacation, taking into account that almost a third of them (31%) do not usually exercise when they are at home.

Holiday Fitness Attitudes in Europe, the Middle East and South Africa

  • UAE: 92% exercise actively during the holidays
  • Saudi Arabia: 91% exercise actively while on vacation
  • South Africa: 80% exercise actively during the holidays
  • France: 78% exercise actively while on vacation
  • Spain: 74% exercise actively while on vacation
  • Italy: 73% exercise actively while on vacation
  • Germany: 66% exercise actively while on vacation
  • United Kingdom: 53% exercise actively while on vacation

Taking care of your mental health is the main objective when training for most Spaniards. Nearly half (44%) agree that exercising while on vacation is good for their mental health and helps them return home in a better mood, and 17% believe it allows them to spend time alone and give priority to personal care.

Due, more than a quarter of Spanish travelers (27%) always make a conscious effort to exercise when you are on vacation so as not to interrupt your training routine.

It seems that Spanish travelers also like to indulge when on holiday, with a quarter (25%) exercising because they feel the need to burn off the extra calories they consume through unhealthy food and alcohol. take when you are out.

More than a quarter of all Spanish travelers (28%) agree that if they don’t do sports when on vacation they feel bad, and 18% feel guilty. Also, nearly 2 in 10 (19%) feel they go home overweight if they haven’t exercised when they’ve been away.

To make training easier and more efficient for travelers, whether traveling for vacation or work, Marriott Bonvoy has partnered with FitnessOnDemandon-demand fitness and wellness content platform for hotels, hospitality and fitness clubs.

This collaboration offers Marriott Bonvoy members free access to a wide variety of virtual fitness classes that can be accessed from the comfort of a hotel room, the beach, the pool or the hotel gym, both online and through the app.

In Spain, this new service is available at hotels such as Aloft Madrid Gran Vía, The Westin Palace, Madrid, Santo Mauro, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Palacio del Retiro, Autograph Collection or The Madrid EDITION.

Although they have the best intentions, more than six out of ten Spaniards (62%) who exercise during their holidays have had problems with their training.

15% of them got lost when they went jogging or cycling around their hotel and 9% suffered heat stroke when exercising in the sun. Additionally, more than one in ten (11%) have felt uncomfortable working out in an unfamiliar gym, and 8% have worried about being embarrassed for not knowing how to properly use gym equipment.

Exercises preferred by Spaniards during their vacations

  1. Going for a run on the beach (41%)
  2. Going for a run around the area in the city (41%)
  3. Train in the hotel gym (31%)
  4. Swimming (28%)
  5. Train in the hotel room (18%)
  6. Do exercises without equipment in the room, such as sit-ups, squats, push-ups (17%)
  7. Train in a gym in the area, outside the hotel (16%)
  8. Cycling (10%)
  9. Sports, such as tennis, badminton, squash, etc. (the 10%)
  10. Attending fitness classes with a monitor at the hotel or in the area (9%)

In relation to the form of exercise that Spaniards prefer during the holidays, Going for a run on the beach or around the hotel ranks first (41%).

The next preferred types of exercise were found to be working out in the hotel gym (31%) followed by swimming (28%).

Main exercises that Spaniards would like to do during their holidays but feel that they cannot

  1. Yoga (18%)
  2. Sports (17%)
  3. Cardio training (15%)
  4. Pilates (14%)
  5. Gym (14%)
  6. Meditation (13%)
  7. Circuit training (12%)
  8. Fitness classes in general (11%)
  9. Aerobic exercise (11%)
  10. Zumba (9%)

Almost a fifth (18%) would like to do yoga and 13% would like to meditate more during the holidays, but they do not feel up to it, probably because they do not have access to these disciplines when they are away from home.

Exercising while on vacation comfortably

Neal Jones, Director of Sales and Marketing for Marriott International for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, He affirms that “the link between exercising and taking care of our mental health is very clear, and it is great to see that the Spanish do not abandon it when they go on vacation. In fact, more and more people are beginning to exercise during their holidays and we want to make it as easy as possible for those who want it. That’s why we’re delighted to offer our members free access to FitnessOnDemand, so they can train from the comfort of their hotel room whenever it suits them. In addition, they can participate in classes, for example meditation, that they may not have tried before, and return refreshed from their trip.

Marriott Bonvoy members will be offered seven days of free access to the FitnessOnDemand training platform whenever they stay at one of the participating hotels.

More than 450 hotels and resorts across Europe, the Middle East and Africa offer this exclusive new benefit to Marriott Bonvoy members. The program can be used in the hotel room, poolside, on the beach, and in some hotel fitness facilities, allowing for complete flexibility.

“When we travel, it’s easier to stay on top of our fitness goals if a class or type of workout feels familiar and similar to the activities we enjoy at our regular gym,” said Uday Anumalachetty, division vice president of FitnessOnDemand.

“Marriott Bonvoy members staying at participating hotels can now access any of hundreds of classes for core-strength, cardio and specialized sessions that are similar to the classes they follow at home, making training fast, easy and bearable, since they will only have to press the “play”».


Marriott Bonvoy Studio. The research was carried out among 2,025 Spanish adults between December 16 and 22, 2022. Nationally representative sample. He is part of a larger study of 16,000 adults from Europe, the Middle East and South Africa.

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