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3 Weight Loss Behaviours That Are Best Avoided In 2023 By Rujuta Diwekar

2023 has begun on a high note and fitness is on everyone’s mind. From new diets to stringent exercise regimes, there is so much that we try to shed those stubborn kilos. But we have to understand that weight loss is not immediate and often takes time to show results. Further, it is not just about adopting a certain diet or starting off a fitness regime but about changing certain lifestyle patterns and behaviour. We have often heard that mind control is one of the most important factors in weight loss. And celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar also agrees with this philosophy. Diwekar shared a video about weight loss behaviours that are best avoided in 2023. Take a look:

“3 behaviours to avoid on your fitness journey,” wrote Diwekar in the caption. There were certain terms that she suggested should be kept in mind while embarking on any weight loss regime. She further said that it was important to incorporate these behaviours to facilitate speedy weight loss that was sustainable and did not return.

Here Are 3 Weight Loss Behaviours That Are Best Avoided In 2023 By Rujuta Diwekar:

1. Fear of Carbohydrates

Often, we think that avoiding carbohydrates is the solution to our weight loss goals. However, this is not recommended by experts and nutritionists, as cutting out an entire food group can do more harm than good. Rujuta Diwekar said that it is a ‘baseless fear’ and we can actually enjoy our favourite rotis, pohas, pulaos without developing a fear of carbohydrates. “Studies have shown that this keeps women under-fuelled for their daily tasks and can explain why many of them feel drained or tired very often,” she said in the video.

2. Binge-Eating Disorder

Rujuta Diwekar said that binge-eating disorder was not a proper disorder but in fact an observational one. She said that women often felt deprived of their diets, which is why they ended up eating a larger quantity of food within a shorter span of time. This proved to be more detrimental and harmful to health in the long run and was best avoided.

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Binge eating is a common phenomenon among people. Photo Credit: iStock

3. Dysfunction Exercise

The third term that Rujuta Diwekar spoke about was dysfunction exercise. She said that women often exercised mindlessly and did not pay attention to what they were doing. The idea, in their head, was to burn calories and exercise just for the sake of it and not to maintain good health. For instance, burning 500 calories on the treadmill or doing 100 ‘Surya Namaskars’ daily. This, in Diwekar’s opinion, was not an ideal way of losing weight.

Thus, Diwekar concluded the video by saying that it was best to eat light and healthy food without embarking on any stringent diet plans. So, if you are trying to lose weight, keep these behaviours in mind and see the results for yourself!

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