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33 Products For Plant Lovers With A Black Thumb

This pot features a hidden sub-irrigation system underneath, which soaks up the excess water in the bottom saucer. When it’s empty, simply lift up the top and pour a bit of water into that dish.

Greenery Unlimited is the home and created of this gorgeous pot! The small biz is based in Brooklyn, NY and is run my husband and wife duo Adam Besheer and Rebecca Bullen.

Promising review:This planter saved my plant when I went away on vacation for two weeks during the heatwave this summer! It’s very easy to use, and gets you a lot of time in between waterings. My plant has never looked more happy. We’ll be buying more to put all of our plants in self watering planters. The material is very high quality.” —Benjamin S.

Get it from Food52 for $36 (available in four colors) or from Amazon for $32 (available in six colors). 

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