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4 Ways to Adapt Standing Forward Bend to Your Body and Needs

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In this asana column, we start with the normal type and alignment of a pose, and then provide three diversifications, to assist any body entry the advantages of the posture and transfer safely by way of sequences and stretches. Here, 4 methods to discover the bodily and emotional advantages of High Lunge.

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Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend) Pose Step-by-Step Instructions

A. From Tadasana (Mountain Pose) together with your palms at your hips, inhale to lengthen your backbone. Engage your quadriceps by lifting them up and away out of your kneecaps.

B. Exhale, hinging at your hips. As you fold your torso to your legs, let the crown of your head descend towards the ground. If you’ll be able to attain your mat, place your palms on both aspect of your toes, aligning your fingers together with your toes. Use blocks in the event you can’t attain the ground.

C. Inhale, and straighten your arms, lifting your chest up and out. Shift your body weight towards the balls of your toes, stacking your hips above your heels.

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