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5 common baby sleep mistakes that parents should avoid

You need to be very careful with the baby. Check out these most common baby sleep mistakes that new parents should avoid!

There is no quick fix for infant and toddler sleep issues. Not only do you face problems in making them sleep but also in choosing the right sleeping position for them. Most parents learn from their mistakes and experiences. But when it comes to newborns, you can not be careless. After all, neglecting a baby’s sleep cycle can disrupt it and raise the likelihood of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). We are, therefore, here to help you avoid baby sleep mistakes and safely put your child to bed.

Here are 5 baby sleep mistakes to avoid:

1. Not following a bedtime routine

Most individuals require time to unwind before going to bed, and newborns are no exception. A bedtime ritual will not only help your child relax before going to bed, but it will also be a fantastic bonding opportunity for both of you. A bedtime routine is a simple method that makes a huge difference in how soon your kid sleeps and how much assistance he or she requires to go to sleep. Begin your regimen one hour before bedtime. Shut the curtains, lower the lights, and get ready to feed and recite a tale. A warm bath can help quiet your child, and when it’s finished, take them directly to their bed and clothe them in the dark with some background music.

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2. Not knowing the child’s sleep cues

Infants and toddlers give out signs that they are exhausted and need to sleep. Some of these indicators include eye rubbing, yawning, slow activity, whining and fussing, and a loss of interest in people and play. If you miss your child’s sleep schedule, their body won’t be releasing soothing melatonin. Instead, their adrenal glands will release stress hormones that can overstimulate your kid, making them charged, and produce a second wind that keeps them awake.

Excessive crying is one of the signs that you’re baby is not feeling well. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Putting a baby to sleep anywhere

No one wants to be bound by their child’s sleep schedule, but the reality is that napping in the pram, car seat, or feeding table does not offer your baby the sleep they require. Motion sleep puts the brain in a bright state, preventing the youngster from sinking into a deep, peaceful slumber.

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To develop appropriate sleep patterns, your infant should have a comfortable sleep zone, a place where they may sleep at the same time every day. Try to squeeze in errands between naps. If you’re going out during the night, arrange for a nanny or a close relative to assist you so that your baby does not sleep totally exhausted in an unfamiliar place.

4. Hugging your baby and sleeping on the couch

While it may seem like the best thing in the world to fall asleep on the sofa with a newborn cuddled up on your chest. Co-sleeping on a couch or sofa is a major infant sleep error. Because of the potential of dropping or suffocating the infant, it is far more unsafe than co-sleeping in a bed. If you’re going to nap or sleep with your infant, choose a mattress instead of falling asleep on a couch.

Make sure your baby sleeps well. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Allowing infants to sleep all-day

The sleep demands of a newborn fluctuate with age, but toddlers only require a certain amount of rest in a period of 24 hours. They won’t sleep as much at night if they sleep all day.

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If a nap lasts a long time, you might have to rouse the baby up so that the remainder of their sleep routine isn’t disrupted. Talk and play with them when they’re awake to fill their waking hours and guarantee they’re genuinely exhausted when the next sleep period arrives, which will allow the baby to get even more proper sleep.

Hope you stop making these mistakes so that your baby can enjoy a sound sleep!

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