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5 steps to better sleep for new parents

In the fog of those first few months with a newborn, it’s easy to focus so much on them, you forget to prioritise your own wellbeing. And sleep is often the first thing to suffer (according to research, new parents face six years of disrupted sleep on average.)

But taking care of your own sleep health can have huge benefits for both you and your baby, boosting your overall wellbeing and cognitive function. So, we asked a group of parents who’ve been there, survived that, to share what helped them get some sleep.

1. Play to your strengths

If you and your partner run on different body clocks, work it to your advantage. My husband’s a night owl while I’m an early bird, so he’d do the late-night shifts, then I’d be up at the crack of dawn. I was breastfeeding overnight initially, but when sleep became so bad I started to fall apart, we introduced a bottle for the late-night feed and it made a huge difference. Just keep reminding yourself it doesn’t last forever – hang on in there!’ Julia Martin, mum of Tabitha (seven) and Florrie (five)

2. Make your sleep set-up work for you

‘My top tip? Separate beds. Becoming a parent will zap you of 99% of your energy, so getting decent quality shut-eye quickly becomes crucial. For me, this meant kicking my husband (a restless snoozer) into the spare room the minute our son started sleeping longer stretches, so I could slumber undisturbed.

‘We also upgraded our bed with an Emma Premium Plus Mattress, which was a game changer. I get really hot at night, so its UltraDry Original Cover worked wonders in terms of keeping me cool. Plus, the ergonomic support it gave my weary body after a long day spent cradling a hungry newborn was noticeable. Backache, be gone!’ Robyn Munson, mum of one-year-old Rudy

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3. Create the ultimate sleep sanctuary

‘Making our room as comfy and relaxing as possible has been key. A white-noise machine (or looped track on your phone) and blackout blind are quick wins, but using a vapour plugin with lavender and camomile has been a lifesaver (it can be used from three months). Babies and toddlers will bring home a legion of bugs, and these have been great for easing lingering night-time coughs (the baby’s and yours).’ Jamie Carson, dad of 19-month-old Astrid

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4. Have everything within arm’s reach

‘I realised early on that you can be stuck in the same spot for hours on end, so military-level planning was essential.

‘I got organised before each feeding session; setting up stations by the sofa and the bed that included a bassinet, water, snacks, muslins, nappies, wipes, blankets, books (ambitious), remote control, white-noise machine and eye mask to banish unwanted daylight. It meant each time we got into position, we were comfy, hydrated, warm, well-fed and ready for sleep.

‘Worried about having enough space to store the extra paraphernalia? A divan bed is great if you’re tight on space and looking for extra storage. The Emma Divan combines a compact design with two handy integrated drawers (or four if you choose the king size). It also comes with a 200-night trial and two-year guarantee, so you can be sure you’ve made the right decision. ’ Lucy Glen, mum of Summer (14), Jude (10) and Annika (two)

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5. Ask for help

‘Ask someone you trust to watch your baby while you doze. I had four children under five, so tiredness was the norm but some days were definitely tougher than others. Luckily, my parents live a few minutes away, so on days I was really struggling, I’d pop over, leave the kids with my dad, who was retired, and head to the spare room for a power nap. It gave me the energy to cope with the rest of the day (and night) ahead. After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup.’ Lyndsey Heffernan, mum of Isla (nine), Finn (eight), Ciaran (six) and Tara (five)

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