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5 tips for creating a commute-worthy workplace

While employers debate the best way to ask people to return to the office, there is one thing they can do now that will show they are committed to making a commute worthwhile: Have a comfortable, tech-savvy space that will wow employees every time they walk in.  

Employers should take note that employees are agreeable to coming into the office not just for time with their team, but for individual work as well. Unsurprisingly, 86% of employees prefer to host meetings and collaborate in an office setting, but more than half also reported being productive with individual and creative work if they have access to private space within their company’s workspace, according to a poll from Industrious. A 2022 workplace survey from Gensler reports that 83% of workers would be more willing to return to the office more regularly if their ideal experiences were met. 

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Curating a workspace is like designing a home; it should be well-planned, aesthetically pleasing and cater to the needs of the workers who use it. Further, when an office includes the elements that matter to employees, it increases their sense of value and belonging. 

“It’s beyond just the physical space; it’s now blending functionality,” says Ebbie Wisecarver, global head of design at office space leasing company WeWork. “You have to make a space that’s not just beautiful, but functions for everyone.”

Offering move-in ready spaces with flexible leasing options for employers who don’t want a permanent footprint, Wisecarver and her team have seen first hand what a difference the right layout, amenities and furniture choices can make in the mission to bring employees together. 

Regardless of industry, employees have strong feelings about what a low-stress, successful work environment looks like. Wisecarver shares some of the ways employers can modernize an office space and make employees excited to show up.

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