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Staying healthy and somewhat fit are reasonable goals for anyone growing older. But more so, these are reachable expectations, especially in today’s age where there are so many tips and newfound ways to keep in good physical shape.

One actress in particular has recently made it her mission to reveal to the world just what it takes for a woman in her 50s to maintain a certain robustness to the body.

Recently, one of the stars of Friends opened up about staying fit

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Friends alumni Jennifer Aniston, who has graced our TV screens for just under four decades, has not only been notable for her talent as an actress, but also for her enviable looks, particularly her iconic hairstyles.

In an interview with CR Fashion Book released on Wednesday (September 27), the 54-year-old disclosed how she has been managing such a splendid shape.

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Moreover, Jennifer revealed the top four rules she lives by in order to take care of her impressively toned body.

She explained: “I drink a lot of water, move my body daily, try to eat whole, fresh foods, and get as much sleep as I can.

Jennifer Aniston revealed the four simple things she does to keep her toned body, including drinking loads of water

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“That last part is challenging for me, but it’s so important.

“I feel it when I don’t get enough rest.”

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In addition to these habits, the We’re The Millers actress confessed that she has been trying to preserve a rather high degree of mindfulness about what she allows into her head-space.

“Our world is really going through some challenges, and I know we all care a lot, but sometimes I think it’s imperative that we turn off the noise,” Jennifer said. 

The actress also revealed the importance of sleeping, which helped her maintain a fitness routine

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But don’t let the Hollywood star’s seemingly metaphysical appreciation fool you. Jennifer is a self-proclaimed amateur of all things medical journals and technological advances, especially when it comes to beauty and health innovations.

“I’ve always found it fascinating,” she said.

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Jennifer continued: “There was a period when my dad went to medical school, when acting slowed down for him, which is why we moved to Greece when I was five or six.

“So I had a doctor/actor (LOL) in the house who introduced me to the world of medicine and research. We would sit and watch medical programs during dinner.

Jennifer opened up about her father, and how he sparked her interest in reading medical journals

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“Even like micro surgeries—not what you would normally want to watch during suppertime.

“That’s where the interest sparked, and I am always grateful to the science and medical community who advance our knowledge of the human body, our health, and how we can continue to thrive as we age.”

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Back in March, The Morning Show actress was already discussing the importance of sleep, as she revealed the stress of not being able to fall asleep was enough to keep her awake for hours.

At first, she ignored it, Jennifer thought, “‘I got this. I can go through the day on five hours of sleep and I’ll make up for it over the weekend’… and over time, it was really starting to affect every single part of my daily life,” the movie star told USA TODAY.

The actress admitted that she would often struggle to fall asleep

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The lack of sleep reportedly made it harder for the actress to memorize lines and even to work out and keep her fitness routines.

A good night’s sleep “is sort of the last thing on your to-do list,” Jennifer said.

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She explained: “we’re so arrogant when we’re younger.

“We think, ‘ah, I’ll sleep when I’m 80. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve said that to myself, but you can’t make up on lost sleep. It’s just a myth.”

Meditation was one of the simple things Jennifer said she did on a daily basis to stay healthy

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The Californian native said that her tips for a productive day and night include meditating every morning, limiting her screen time, especially before bed, and ending the day with a relaxing, hot bath.

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The actress revealed that she ate clean and fresh foods

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The actress rose to fame for her role as Rachel in the sitcom Friends

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The 54-year-old actress is still actively performing, as she most recently starred in the hit TV show The Morning Show

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Jennifer, who recently wrapped filming the third season of The Morning Show and is preparing for the release of Murder Mystery 2, acknowledged that her fans would often fixate on her youthful and glowing appearance associated with her looks on Friends, but that what they saw was not real life.

“To hear people say, ‘You look like you did on ‘Friends!” Listen, lovely compliment. But that’s a TV set they’re looking at,” she quipped.

Internet users were particularly hung up on the fact that the actress was reportedly a size 2

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