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6 tips to help your student stay safe over St. Patty’s Day weekend | Health & Wellness Services

While we expect our students to follow applicable laws and policies related to alcohol and other drugs, we understand that some students may still choose to drink or use substances.

Here are some tips you can share with your student to keep them safe at St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

1. Set a limit before going out

Alcohol and other substances can affect people differently. This means that your student’s tolerance and limits may look different from those around them. Encourage your student to set a limit for themselves before they go out. It may also be helpful for them to enlist a friend to help keep them accountable. Remind them to go at their own pace, regardless of what others are doing.

2. Stay hydrated

If your student may choose to drink this weekend, remind them to eat a snack or meal and drink water before they start. It’s also important to stay hydrated throughout the day/night. Encourage your student to switch off between water and alcoholic drinks. They can also bring a snack or pick up takeout on your way if they get hungry.

3. Be aware of overdose risks

Encourage your student to avoid mixing drugs with alcohol, including prescription medications. This can increase their risk of an accidental overdose. It can also increase their chances of passing out, blacking out, feeling sick and doing something they may regret later.

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