60-Year-Old Personal Fitness Trainer Invents Revolutionary All-in-One Push-Up Bar for Home and Commercial Gyms

Nationwide — E. Earl Jenkins, founder and CEO of Core Champion, Inc, a health & wellness company, specializing in fitness training equipment, accessories, apparel, and supplements, has launched the Core Champion Push-Up Bar, taking fitness to the next level.Jenkins is the clever inventor of this patented, one-of-a-kind apparatus and is also the founding pastor of a church in Hamilton, New Jersey. Jenkins, who is 60 years young, is a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and AFFA (Athletics and Fitness Association of America) certified personal fitness trainer. He focuses on being in his best shape spiritually, physically, and mentally while helping others that strive for the same goal.

His motto is Be Fit Forever and states, “We know we are not going to live forever but until that time comes, we can be fit, healthy, and in great shape if we choose to take care of ourselves. I believe what you give your body it will respond to it… be it good or bad.”

The Core Champion Push-Up Bar is sweeping the nation as the most compact, multifaceted fitness equipment to impact the fitness industry in decades. This all-in-one bar is uniquely designed to develop and strengthen the total body while targeting the core and chest. “After training for 35+ years with dumbbells, I suffered a tear in my elbow. I invented the Core Champion Push-Up Bar to increase the metabolic and core strength using our intrinsic body weight. The patented, multi-grip design reduces the risk of sprains and joint pain,” says Jenkins.

Although the target audience is aged 25-45, the Core Champion Push-Up Bar is universal and can be used by ages 8 up to seniors. Jenkins, who is also a Senior Fitness Specialist and Youth Exercise Specialist, had all ages and fitness levels in mind when designing this unique bar.

With home gyms advancing, Core Champion Inc. is seizing a moment to compete with other fitness equipment suppliers across the country by offering something that excels in quality, price, and satisfaction. Made in the USA, the Core Champion Push-Up Bar offers premium fitness to beginners, enthusiasts, and professionals alike that are looking to add to their home gym. Commercial gyms and trainers can also use this bar to save money on gym equipment and space. This one-of-a-kind exercise bar is sturdy, solid, and holds up to 300 lbs., providing an all-in-one unit with over 100 exercise choices. Until now, fitness enthusiasts would need as many as 10 different pieces of fitness equipment to accomplish what this one apparatus is designed to do.

Inspired by famous athletes, Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson, Jenkins’ motto is Be Fit Forever and states, “A short, focused workout with the Core Champion Push-Up Bar will leave you feeling energized and accomplished! I believe the bar is a testament that through education, dedication, and exercise with the right equipment we can all attain our highest level of wellness.”

Jenkins has secured a domestic manufacturing deal that will put the Core Champion Push-Up Bar in retailers, gyms, and homes around the world.

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