66-Year-Old Fitness Freak Mother Leaves People Thinking She’s a “Vampire” Who Doesn’t Age

Bodybuilding is more than a sport to many, and Denise Austin is proof of it. The 66-year-old fitness fanatic is hitting up the gym every day and thinks of herself as a work in progress. She’s been in the field for over four decades, and definitely, there’s no stopping her. Starting her career as a fitness expert, the athlete still promotes issues related to the sport and helps others to grow through her online classes. In fact, Austin is very famous on social media for her live fitness sessions.

However, she still maintains herself and updates her social media with her workout progress. Recently, the diva treated her fans with a stunning picture of her and talked about her next venture. As intended, this caught the eye of her viewers, and they swarmed into the comments section of the post to share their amazement at her ageless physique.

Bodybuilding practitioner still rules at 66


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Denise Austin, the author of “Fit Over 50” magazine thinks it’s never too late to get back into shape. In fact, last summer she walked in the Swimsuit Runway Show in Miami with her daughter, who is 37. This astounded people as they couldn’t identify her age while she flaunted in a swimsuit. Austin feels that with her story, she can encourage all women out there to come up with what they are best at, at any age.

However, on 8th March 2023, Austin took to her Instagram to post a picture of her donning a blue bikini and black cycling shorts. The caption began with, “A brand new challenge to focus on your ABS!!” The “hot mama” was posing while standing in a splendid wildflower-covered landscape in the hills. Austin posed with her iconic smile.


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Nevertheless, as it’s clear from her post, Austin will share a 7 days workout challenge with her clients providing all necessities, like a workout routine, diet, and lifestyle. Fans couldn’t resist after seeing her picture that screams, “Spring is right around the corner!”, and flock to the comment section to praise her toned body.

Fans reacted to Austin’s ageless picture


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Out of astonishment, one fan commented, “Hot mama!! Are you a vampire?? You don’t age.” While another added some pun and wrote, “You’re outstanding in your field.” Keeping the thread, one fan thought, “Always so beautiful. Still look 35 years old.”

Praising her eternal beauty, one added, “Bow down to the Goddess!!!!” A fan who’s been following her for a long time, commented, “Denise keep going! You look amazing. Ive been a fan for over 25 years!”


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Devoted fitness experts like Denise Austin always prove that age is just a number. No matter how old she is, she is aging like a fine wine. Any thoughts on her never-ending dedication?

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