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7 exercises to increase physical resistance

On a daily basis we apply physical resistance to everything. A gesture as simple as running too fast to catch the bus, or walking quickly in the incipient heat typical of summer, can become an arduous task to achieve without good cardiovascular capacity, or what is the same, physical resistance. worked. For all this, physical resistance is essential for any type of activity that is carried out, even if it is a routine work or day-to-day activity.

However, beyond the day-to-day benefits, the truth is that physical resistance is necessary to keep the heart and lungs healthy. Therefore, practicing exercise not only improves physical fitness, but also accompanies a strengthening of the organs, and to achieve this, exercises focused on improving physical resistance are essential. For this reason, it is essential to develop the ability to perform physical exercises that involve the large muscle groups of the body, at a moderate intensity and for a long period of time, which will greatly strengthen the heart, the most important muscle in the body that It increases cardiovascular capacity.

When it comes to working on cardiovascular endurance, it is important to know that to obtain better results it is essential to combine aerobic training, focused on cardiovascular capacity, and anaerobic training, focused on strength. But, what are the exercises that can help us gain greater physical resistance? To optimize our cardiovascular capacity, it is essential to introduce cardiovascular conditioning into the training routine through aerobic activities that raise the heart rate.

recommended exercises

To make your task easier, the fitness experts at the Metropolitan Club recommend 7 exercises with which to tone the cardiovascular system and achieve greater physical resistance:

Running: Running is synonymous with not needing external material to be able to carry out and carry out a most complete activity. It is one of the most complete exercises that exist, for the development of its practice you have to activate the vast majority of your muscles, and therefore your pulmonary and cardiovascular system will also improve. It is advisable to set assumable goals, taking into account the physical shape in which you are at that time. The use of a heart rate monitor can be very helpful in controlling the work to be done, going for a run with gentle rhythms in a range of 130 to 150 beats per minute, looking for short intervals of 1 to 5 minutes running – 1 to 2 minutes walking to recover, can be a good alternative to start, choose the right route correctly, you can flatten to maintain a stable heart rate, but you can also go up and down small slopes to stimulate your body more, raising that heart rate on the climbs and recovering on the downs Although it can be expensive at first, when resistance is built up, improvement will become a personal challenge and one of your favorite practices.

The Biocircuit system™: This personalized training system allows you to train in a circuit format with a predefined time. It is an efficient training, which includes all the necessary elements so that you soon achieve muscle activation and with it your goals. It is made up of equipment that combines cardiovascular and strength exercises, working all muscle groups. Depending on its design, these are some of the strength equipment that may be included in the circuit, Leg Press, Leg Curl and Leg Extension, to strengthen the leg area, Chest Press, Vertical Traction, Low Row, Lower Back , and Shoulder Press, focused on toning the upper trunk, and Total Abdominal, to work the abdomen. Regarding the cardio equipment that could be included in the circuit, we usually find the treadmill, the bicycle, the airbike.

Zumba: This aerobic discipline to the rhythm of Latin music, is the fashion that does not pass. This activity allows you to burn calories and tone your muscles through fun dance choreography. Whether you like doing sports more or less, practicing Zumba is a relaxing and entertaining activity. You get fit and have a good time, what else do you need? Whatever choreography you practice, you are doing cardiovascular exercise. This means that through this type of training you improve general health, you strengthen your bones, your muscles, you put your heart, your lungs and the circulatory system in general in motion.

HIIT: This is a high-intensity training, which improves our cardiovascular system, speeds up metabolism, and if you practice it regularly, not only while training but also afterwards. It is a very effective fat burning workout that also allows us to significantly improve our muscles. In addition, it activates the cellular mitochondria that are the main producers of energy. It has been proven that it produces improvements in hypertensive people since it helps to regulate tension, and in type 2 diabetic people, improving their sensitivity to insulin. It is a demanding activity, which at first is not easy, it is not free of risks, and good supervision is recommended so that we learn to perform the exercises correctly.

HBX Boxing: Under the acronym HBX (Human Body Exercise) this sport is a cardiovascular training program with musical support that combines the main techniques of martial arts such as Kick Boxing or MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), in a non-contact format. Thus, the only adversary in this discipline is a punching bag, some Super bands or a Slamball on which to unleash all your energy. This activity is characterized by its ability to combine aerobic exercise with activities that enhance strength and physical resistance and, furthermore, it is one of the most addictive sports. Leaving competitive boxing aside, the practice of this discipline reduces the risk of injury, increases fitness, improves respiratory and cardiovascular health, and accelerates calorie burning, among other things. Thanks to the requirement of an aerobic capacity and powerful blood circulation, it improves cardiovascular and respiratory health.

Elliptical: The elliptical is a fitness machine designed for aerobic exercise. It is made up of two platforms, on which you can rest your feet, and two long bars that are grasped with your hands, in such a way that your whole body will move in harmony when you start the exercise. To train with the elliptical, it is essential to do it with your body upright and your head firm, without bending your back or shrinking. You must maintain the correct posture throughout the exercise, despite the fact that fatigue may prompt you to relax the position. A positive aspect of the elliptical is the possibility of varying the intensity, which is why experts recommend starting with flat programs, so that you can get used to the movement and rocking of the machine. Then you can start on the flat and go up small “mountains”. Once you have mastered that you can increase the intensity of the climbs and modify it to taste.

Exercise bike and Cycling: The exercise bike is widely used by beginners, especially by those who want to work mainly on the lower body. This exercise is a cardiovascular and aerobic activity that takes place on a stationary bike that can be both horizontal and vertical, and that adapts to the level of each person. Beyond its individual use, one of the great benefits of this machine is its fun component when participating in group sessions called cycling. Due to the conditions in which it is practiced, directed by a technician, in a group and with audiovisual elements, cycling is an extremely fun and highly effective activity. All this is due, mainly, thanks to music, which plays an essential role, with a high motivational charge that helps to maintain the effort set by the technician who instructs the session, thereby improving “without you realizing it” and helping due to the high discharge of endorphins that occurs during the class, your resistance to fatigue, strengthening of the core, your buttocks and legs.

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