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7 fitness exercises to anticipate the appearance of cellulite, word of the expert

Cellulite is practically irreversible, but not inevitable. Becoming aware of what it is and how it occurs allows you to introduce better lifestyle habits to anticipate its appearance or reduce it.

Cellulite, also called orange peel skin, occurs as a result of Circulation disorders that cause fat retention in certain body areas.

This produces an increase in the fatty tissue of the body, generating irregularities in the skin that form nodules and dimples in the affected areas.

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Regardless of the body, cellulite can be suffered by anyone. various studies and surveys ensure that nearly 90% of women have cellulite or are concerned about it.

The causes? Fundamentally there are two: genetics and hormonesbut an excessive calorie diet, circulation problems, sedentary lifestyle or alcohol consumption also influences.

Estrogens are to blame

It is generally related cellulite with women due to estrogen, known as female hormones. These hormones, produced in the ovaries, intervene in the distribution of body fat, defining the female silhouette, since they provide more fat and this is manifested mainly in the hips, buttocks and chest of the woman. Although they can also experience imbalances related to this hormone.

There are no magic formulas or miraculous recipes to combat cellulite. The key is to lead a non-sedentary life, eat correctly, exercise and hydrate. Experts claim that the fitness is a good ally in this situation. Through physical exercise you can improve blood circulation and burn calories, aspects that help reduce orange peel skin.

He team of coaches fitness by Club Metropolitan proposes a series of exercises suitable for working large muscle groups such as buttocks, legs and arms.

Avoid cellulite in the lower trunk

A woman performing a lunge outdoors.


strides. Starting from a vertical position with feet together, pull one leg back far enough to allow both knees to flex to 90 degrees at the bottom of the descent, and return to the starting position. We change legs after each repetition. Do 10 repetitions per leg. You can add dumbbells or some weight element, to slightly increase the intensity.

The ‘gluteal bridge’ exercise on the outside.


gluteal bridge. Lie face up with knees bent, arms extended along the body and feet and hands firmly planted on the floor. Carry out a controlled movement of raising the hips, progressively raise and separate the back from the ground until only the upper part of it is supported. Carry out the route in the opposite direction trying to articulate your vertebrae throughout the execution of the exercise.

Hip thrust. This is the ultimate exercise for the glutes. You will have to use a bench to support your back, so that the entire part of the hips is free to be able to execute the movement of the exercise. In this way, the starting position will be to place ourselves face up with our backs resting on the bench only and our legs resting on the ground with our feet. You can add a weight that you will put on your pelvis, it can be a disc, a barbell or any other heavy item you have. Starting from the lowest position and with the load attached, we will raise the hips up without moving the rest of the body. What we will do is overcome the load, while we contract the gluteal area.

This exercise includes various postures for its performance.


burpees. From the initial vertical, upright position, with our eyes looking ahead and our arms by our sides, we crouch looking for the ground with both hands and when they are supported, we throw both legs together behind us with a small jump. We maintain the position there, making a diagonal with our backs in relation to the ground, for a second, and then we jump again to recover the initial position and, finally, hit a slight jump upwards.

Avoid cellulite on the arms

A woman doing bicep curls at the gym.


Biceps curl. This exercise will help you tone your arms and reduce cellulite on them. With the help of dumbbells, the curl of biceps consists of raising the dumbbells towards the shoulders bending the elbows.

Woman doing triceps pushup.


Triceps pushup. With the dumbbell in hand, the arm stretched above the head and at shoulder height, bend the arm back, bringing the hand and the dumbbell towards the back, and raise the arm back to the starting position.

The push up exercise requires effort and control.


Push up. Lying face down and with the palms of the hands resting on the floor at chest height, perform a scapular retraction. Keep the hip fully aligned with the rest of the body, slightly contracting the buttocks. Perform the movement slowly and in a controlled manner. To introduce more difficulty you can take breaks during the tour or perform a cluster of partial series in the different ranges of movement.

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