7 Tips for Effective Treadmill Running

Treadmill working is well-liked with athletes of each skill permitting runners to manage tempo and gradient on the contact of a button. This yr, for the primary time ever, residence train gyms equivalent to treadmills have emerged as a world health development.(1)

Training on a treadmill has at all times been a preferred winter different when it’s too chilly and darkish exterior, however as many have found throughout the pandemic, treadmill working gives entry to train each time the outside are off limits. So what are the advantages? 

Benefits of Treadmill Running

  • Control – Easily modify train depth, tempo and incline
  • Feedback – Monitor efficiency with options equivalent to coronary heart fee measurement
  • Fitness – treadmill working is an efficient method to construct cardio and anaerobic capability 
  • Cost – Treadmills have gotten extra inexpensive as demand will increase
  • Space – Treadmills take up comparatively little house
  • Access – Your treadmill is on the market everytime you want it
  • Cushioning – treadmills are simpler on the joints than onerous out of doors surfaces
  • Versatility – Walk, run or full a HIIT exercise – all on one machine
  • Lifestyle – prepare anytime while persevering with a dialog or having fun with a film!

Elite runners use treadmills to effective tune coaching stimuli in a managed surroundings. Runners with joint ache or damage use treadmills for restoration. Thanks to the cushioned floor, treadmill working is extra mild on joints than tarmac or concrete. 

Whatever your cause for coaching on a treadmill, the 7 ideas beneath will provide help to get essentially the most out of your exercises.

1. Start Easy

If you might be working on a treadmill for the primary time, begin at a average, managed tempo. As with any new coaching stimulus, give your physique time to adapt to the surroundings and working floor earlier than rising the depth.

2. Account for Air Resistance

Treadmill working normally feels simpler than working outside on the identical tempo. The predominant cause for that is the absence of air resistance. To compensate, set the treadmill gradient to 1%. This is an efficient method to simulate the power value of out of doors working on a stage floor.(2)

3. Watch Your Posture

The treadmill’s constant, evenly cushioned floor together with the shortage of exterior stimuli like air resistance and passing surroundings can alter our notion of tempo, inflicting adjustments to our working gait. 

Treadmill working also can trigger runners to look down on the show in a hunched posture. Look forward as you run and take note of your posture and stride size to keep away from damage and ache. 

4. Stay Hydrated

Treadmill working is normally hotter and extra humid than working outside, the place wind and air resistance present pure cooling. In addition, indoor areas are sometimes poorly ventilated and shared with different exercisers.  

Put merely, treadmill working makes you sweat! Compensate for the additional fluid loss with common hydration. The treadmill is an efficient place to apply consuming whereas working.

5. Go Light

The well-cushioned, rolling belt of the treadmill adjustments the best way you strike and push off the working floor. Compared with out of doors working, you don’t should push off as onerous or for as lengthy to generate ahead propulsion.

This means you’ll be able to dispense with heavier, thick soled trainers and let the treadmill maintain the cushioning. Consider a lightweight, low-profile working shoe as an alternative for improved sensitivity and a extra dynamic working fashion. 

6. Mix It Up

Running on a treadmill permits you to coach beneath the identical situations each day. There are not any headwinds, no hills and the floor is easy and stage. Though this may be a bonus, it will also be boring. Add selection to your treadmill exercises by together with inclines and intervals.

7. Run Outdoors

Though it might sound counterintuitive, going for a run outside is an effective way to spice up your treadmill coaching.

Outdoor running can improve fats burning, assist relieve the signs of seasonal affective dysfunction (SAD) and enhance temper and psychological well being by publicity to chilly, daylight and inexperienced areas.(3,4,5,6,7,8,9)

Outdoor working can be essential for bettering push-off and negotiating diversified terrain – one thing that’s missing in treadmill working as a result of constant, rolling floor. For the last word coaching stimulus, mix treadmill working with out of doors exercises.

HIIT Treadmill Workouts

Alongside residence train gyms equivalent to treadmills, high-intensity interval coaching is one other essential health development – and for good cause. 

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a properly established approach of bettering cardiorespiratory health while saving time and burning further energy. The benefits of HIIT embrace enhancements in coronary heart and lung well being, physique composition and working efficiency. (10,11,12,13,14,15

Once you’re feeling snug with treadmill working, you would possibly need to mix the advantages of HIIT with some great benefits of treadmill working and check out a HIIT treadmill exercise. 

If you are feeling prepared for HIIT treadmill exercises, be certain that to steadiness interval and restoration length. Intervals which are too lengthy with inadequate restoration result in fatigue and demotivation in addition to rising the danger of sickness and damage. Fortunately most working machines just like the treadmill let you simply observe depth utilizing coronary heart fee or pacing. 

3 Ways to Set Your Treadmill HIIT Intensity

1. Heart Rate

Run your treadmill HIIT intervals at 80-90% of most coronary heart fee (HRmax). You can calculate HRmax roughly by subtracting your age from 220.

2. Perceived Exertion

Rate your treadmill HIIT depth utilizing a ten level scale the place 1 equals ‘very, very easy’ and 10 equals ’maximal’. Run your treadmill HIIT intervals at 7 or 8 out of 10, that’s, ‘hard’ to ‘very hard’. This scale is utilized by train professionals and equates properly with 80-90% HRmax.

3. 5km Race Pace

If you recognize your common tempo for a 5km race, use this to set your interval depth. Most runners common 80-90% HRmax at 5km race tempo.


Running at excessive velocity on a treadmill will increase the danger of accident and damage. Take time to acclimate to greater treadmill speeds, ensuring you could keep a easy approach, even whereas reaching for your water bottle or adjusting the working velocity. Consult a well being skilled earlier than starting a HIIT exercise program.

Start a Treadmill Training Plan

Ready to start out treadmill coaching however unsure the place to start out? Choose a treadmill exercise that fits you from our Treadmill Training Plan for All Fitness Levels.

If you’re questioning how lengthy you must run on a treadmill, or the way to heat up and funky down, this training plan is for you.


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