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75 soft challenge: the fitness trend to be a more disciplined person

Are you thinking of trying the 75 soft challenge? This challenge might be a good option if you want to commit to creating new habits that don’t involve dangerous restrictions or extreme lifestyle changes.

The trend has taken TikTok by storm (the term has over 500 million views and counting), and it’s about a tough daily grind created by entrepreneur Andy Frisella, ‘to build mental strength and discipline‘.

Although countless followers of 75 day program (the initial version of the challenge) have shared their results on social media after doing so, others have questioned its potentially dangerous and extreme rules that could lead many to make unhealthy choices.

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Instead, the 75 soft challenge is a more accessible alternative to the trend, encouraging users to stick with some habits for 9 weeks, but with far fewer restrictions. This is what we know…

What is the 75 soft challenge?

There’s actually a version of the challenge that emerged in 2019, created by lifestyle site The Pohhu Experience, but the TikTok trend was inspired by either Stephen Gallagher or @StephenGFitness on the platform.

It incorporates four rules, unlike the original that has five, and as its name indicates, it is a much kinder challenge and realistic.

What are the rules of the 75 soft challenge?

  1. Eat well and drink only on social occasions.
  2. Train 45 minutes every day for 75 days. One day a week will be active recovery.
  3. Drink three liters of water a day.
  4. Read 10 pages of any book a day.

Why is this challenge more realistic than the initial one?

He 75 days challenge original, requires participants to ‘follow a religious diet’ and not drink alcohol (any diet will do, apparently, without giving any advice or warning), do two 45-minute workouts a day (one outdoors), drink three liters of water, read 10 pages of inspirational nonfiction, and take a picture of your body every day.

For anyone who has any kind of disordered relationship with food or exercise, or anyone who leans towards more obsessive behavior, this could trigger some potentially dangerous habits. And while the challenge claims it’s about ‘mental toughness’, rather than anything to do with weight loss, the idea of ​​taking daily ‘transformative’ photos certainly suggests a focus on appearance more than well-being.

However the 75 soft challenge encourages participants to move their bodies every day, incorporates active rest, and suggests limiting rather than cutting out alcohol. The rule of eating well is much broader, and Stephen’s own meals always include a variety of food groups, rather than anything restrictive.


What do people think of viral challenges?

While some people enjoy the extreme challenges and of their difficulty, others have spoken about how they felt the first challenge might be triggering, or that the rigidity of the routine is unnecessary.

‘When you want to do it but you have ADHD and a history of eating disorders, it’s probably a bad idea and you’ll forget you’re even doing the challenge,’ commented a TikTok user under a viral video about the 75 Hard Challenge. Another responded: ‘Or… enjoy things in moderation and get long-term results.’

Of the 75 soft challengeHowever, many are loving it as a way to start a routine without feeling like they are driving themselves into restrictive or extreme behaviors. ‘Oh yeah. At last, [un] SUSTAINABLE and realistically achievable challenge,’ commented one.

Others have created their own versions of the challenge, incorporating journaling either mindfulness, rather than any control when it comes to food.

Article originally published by Glamor UK,, adapted by Paola Zamarripa.

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