8 pageant-ready diet fitness tips from Miss USA | Fitness tips of the day

How did Miss USA Deshauna Barber get her pageant-winning body? By embracing water and ab workouts, saying goodbye to sugar and getting an assist from the Army.

Miss District of Columbia Deshauna Barber competes in the swimsuit competition during the 2016 Miss USA pageant on June 5, 2016.

Barber shared her tips for pageant-queen fitness during a Facebook Live interview with USA TODAY.

1. Drink water.

“I drink a lot of water. I try to push people to drink two and a half liters of water at minimum a day. It’s good for cleansing your pores, getting the sweat out, and that cleansing prevents (facial) bumps.”

2. Ginger is your friend

“I try to make sure I include ginger in as many different food items I eat throughout the day. Ginger’s really good for your skin.”

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