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8 thousand people attend Massive Fitness Dance in Apodaca

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Monterey.– To the rhythm of bachata, electronics and salsa, around 8 thousand attendees gathered this Thursday at Plaza Nave 01 to celebrate the second edition of the Fitness Dance of Apodaca 2023.

Despite the fact that the event officially began at 8:00 p.m., attendees They began to dance and enjoy from 7:10 p.m..

Those attending the Fitness Ball arrived early.
Credits: Carlos Enríquez / ABC News

In an interview for ABC news, the Secretary of Sports and Recreation of Apodaca, Rogelio Peña Salinas, highlighted the influx of people who attended the eventwhich grew due to the call generated through social networks.

“We are super happy because of the great turnout, which we managed to obtain through this festival in its second edition right now, we have a record, it is only the second, but it is very significant for us, we managed to register 8,300, that was the last that I had at 6:30, right now people continue to arrive and well, that fills us with satisfaction because that is what we work for,” said the mayor.

Hundreds of women enjoying the dance.
Credits: Carlos Enríquez / ABC News

The mayor of the municipality of Apodaca, César Garza Villarreal, was present at the event, and during his speech at around 8:36 p.m., paid tribute to the Apodaca police officer, Ericka Lázaro Hernándezwhich highlighted their work to the municipality.

“A couple of days ago our colleague Ericka Lázaro Hernández, 31 years old, offered her life to protect us, and she is a woman who represents the new role of women who always put their best in all fields,” mentioned the mayor.

Credits: Carlos Enríquez / ABC News

César Garza asked the attendees of the event fitnessto repeat Ericka’s name to honor her and that “present” will be heard in unison in representation of the element.

Finally, the mayor thanked all the women and highlighted their commitment to exercise for the benefit of their health.

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