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With so many workouts out there, there’s truly something for everyone. My favorite kind of fitness, no matter the type or intensity, is in a group setting. There’s an accountability aspect to it – you paid to show up and take this class – as well as the sense of community. Hype Haus, a new studio in the CBD, offers the perfect balance of both in each of their classes.

“From the moment people walk into our studio, there is an excitement and a sense of belonging,” Sara Habetz, the owner of Hype Haus, told Adore. “That feeling translates into every single one of our classes as they are filled with both vocal and physical encouragement while you high five and hype up your neighbor.  We strive to create an environment where people feel comfortable to try and practice new things.”

The studio opened in late January and offers three types of classes. Wheelhaus is the signature cycle class, Step is a beat driven aerobics class (“think 1980s step aerobics, but dare we say…better?”), and Circuit is a full body workout that combines cardio movements and strength training exercises. Each option promises 45 minutes of sweat inducing movements that are meant to challenge you and help you achieve your fitness goals. They are also open to clients at every level.

“I’m so proud of the three unique formats that we created. Every format was carefully curated with the public in mind. Each class complements one another so perfectly; from rhythmic classes to good ole fashion pushups and slam balls, everything you need is all in one Haus.”


Sara teaches each class and has built a team of “next level” coaches that shine in their own way while maintaining integrity to the brand. “While classes are both physically and mentally challenging, we can guarantee that we don’t do boring and we don’t do mediocre. We encourage our clients to try new things, get outside their comfort zone, learn from their mistakes, and know that the community we’ve created has their back.”

I had the pleasure of visiting the studio during its opening weekend and was blown away by Sara’s welcoming and helpful team, the renovated studio space, and of course, the workout. I’ve taken plenty of cycling classes before (locally to New York to the Peloton) and truthfully have never had so much fun on the bike. Set to an upbeat and curated playlist with specialty lighting, Sara’s class was challenging yet uplifting. Surrounded by strangers, I quickly became friendly with my neighboring bikes and enjoyed the frequent support through words of encouragement and sweaty high fives. Even after the class ended and I went on with the rest of my day, I couldn’t help but feel elated.

While Hype Haus may be new to the New Orleans fitness scene, it’s already establishing itself as a destination for people to come together, sweat together, and be better together.


“There’s something really humbling about people trusting you with their time, energy, and money, so I am honored that people are choosing us. I am on cloud nine thinking about where Hype Haus will be in a year from now.  It’s truly a dream come true.”

Interested in trying Hype Haus out for yourself? Locals can purchase the Intro 3 Pack which includes three classes for $49. The studio also offers class packages and memberships.

Hype Haus is located at 730 S Rampart Street

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