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A successful Amazon seller shares 4 tips to support a growing business

Getting a small business loan isn’t always easy. At least, that’s what Darlyng & Co. co-founder and CEO Tara Darnley says. She and her co-founder, Carl Darnley, have some advice for new business owners—and a success story.
They launched their first product in 2014, a popular infant teething mitten called the Yummy Mitt that was inspired by their daughter. Tara Darnley said that despite “skyrocketing” business growth, she ran into road blocks and hurdles when she approached traditional banks to pitch the product.

Most lenders weren’t set up to support a small business like Darlyng & Co., and she needed to find an alternate source of funding to keep up with growing demand. Eventually, she found Amazon Lending, which focuses on a business’ sales performance over its credit history. Four years later, the business has continued to grow in both sales and number of products—and Darnley expects that growth to increase as they plan to go global.

Darlyng & Co.’s success came from a combination of winning products, a focus on customers, and using available tools to suport business growth.

Beloe are four tips from the Darnleys for new business owners:

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