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a woman from Entre Ríos will participate in a Bikini Fitness

The athlete from Gualeguaychú, Estefanía González, will compete in the Bikini Fitness bodybuilding contest. The 30-year-old athlete visited NOW Coastline next to Horace Moreno, His trainer. His routine includes a cardio part and a weights part, as well as an intense diet.

“Bikini is one of the categories within bodybuilding. It is a more athletic body, not so muscular. It is characterized by a broad clavicle and a small waist.. At the time of judging, the attitude, the production, the parade and the sympathy are taken into account. It’s a set of things,” said González. The athlete comes from being second in the South American in two categories: Master and Senior.

We have been working together for three years, a pandemic in between. Good objectives have been achieved, in relation to the goals we wanted to achieve. It’s all based on effort and discipline,” Moreno said. He added: “The woman is losing her fear of training. There are good potentials.”



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